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Various failures with ceramic tile, stone, glass tile, brick, and terrazzo.

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Patching the grout joints to stop the leak is a band aide approach. It does not fix the problem, rather it is only fixing the symptom of the problem.

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When there is failure in a tile installation it is generally not due to one condition or deficiency, but rather due to several compounding deficiencies.

Ceramic and Porcelain TilecracksExpert AnswersfailuresWet Areas
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Exterior decks are one of the most common failures in building construction because they are normally constructed incorrectly.

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First of all, hollow sounding tiles is not considered a defect. There are no standards addressing hollow sounds, other to say that hollow sounds don’t necessary mean it is a problem.

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Expansion joints are a type of movement joint. Movement joints are meant to mitigate expected expansion and contraction movements within the tile assembly cased by temperature variations, moisture variations or from dynamic structural movements.

Ceramic and Porcelain TileDebonding TileExpert AnswersfailuresMovement JointsstoneTenting
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The leaking of deck causing damages in the ceiling below is the symptom of the cause of the problem. Treating the symptom will not remediate the cause of the problem.

Ceramic and Porcelain TilecracksExpert AnswersExteriorfailuresgroutinstallationLeakMoisture Problemsstone
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The debonding of the tile should not be due to the tile unless the tile had some sort of contaminate on its back side that prevented the tile from achieving an adequate attachment to its substrate.

Ceramic and Porcelain TileDebonding TileExpert AnswersfailuresStandards
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There should be a water proof membrane on the shower floor and walls, and it needs to be installed correctly with the appropriate transitions and slopes to drain.

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All tiles have some inherent warpage from the manufacturing process and the ANSI A137.1 is the standard that states what is allowable.

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