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Go for the Gold With Gold Tile

Searching for a “wow factor” look that’s sure to impress? Gold tile might just be the answer. Gold tile offers everything from luxurious gilded designs to clean contemporary aesthetics. At the same time, it provides all of the low-maintenance benefits you’ve come to expect from ceramic tile, including scratch, stain, fade, and fire resistance. Read More

Ceramic Tile Statistics Press Release Published Articles

Global Influences in Tile

Tile’s history extends back thousands of years, through cultures all over the world. Tile’s beauty and functionality has endured through the ages, from Ancient Rome through the modern era. Today, tile trends from all over the world continue to shape design, from aesthetics to habitability. Read More

Ceramic Tile Statistics Published Articles


The technical properties of ceramics, such as its safety, its easy-to-clean aspect, resistance and durability, added to its design qualities, makes it a material with enormous potential and versatility for any interior design project, adapting to all rooms and offering solutions for different spaces throughout the home. Read More

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39 Tips for Using Ceramic Tile Outdoors

Versatility within the “ceramic tile family” (porcelain tile, quarry tile, wall tile, pressed floor tile, and mosaic tile) gives you a wide variety for specifying the appropriate option for your outdoor project. Each of these tile subsets is ceramic tile and thus shares ceramic tile’s general benefits. For example, ceramic tile is water-resistant, scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and fade-resistant — ideal for handling weather conditions. Each subset is produced slightly differently and may consequently have additional advantages that lend themselves to specific applications. Read More

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Ceramics have become an indispensable building and surface material and remain one of the key design elements when building or renovating a home. The advancements Spanish manufacturers have made to the production processes of ceramics have imbued collections with immeasurable benefits. The quality, inalterability, resistance to severe weather conditions and temperatures, non-toxic properties, ease of maintenance, and stability of new ceramic ranges are just a few essential variables to consider when updating or constructing a home. Read on as we explore these benefits and learn why this season and beyond, you should choose ceramics. Read More

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here’s just something cool about Spanish tile. We envision terra cotta clay that dates back centuries, and also tiles with colorful hand-painted patterns. These are truly beautiful and classic. But beyond traditional and historical tile design styles, contemporary Spanish designers are also producing ceramic tile that works in a wider variety of projects. Read More

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ColorWatch 2023

When it comes to choosing products for the home, color is a driving force in consumer preferences and choices. While the early and mid-2010s were all about the minimalistic grays and whites made popular by the farmhouse trend, recent years have seen preferences shift toward warmer shades, earth tones and an overall more colorful palette. Looking to 2023, color experts from some of the leading paint companies see this trend continuing. Read More

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Boosting Sales with Visualizers

Visualizers can help the consumer see the end result, instead of all being overwhelmed by the plethora of samples in the store, to help them focus on what their new floor will look like in their home,” offered Lori Keith, vice president, residential marketing, Mannington. “A picture says a thousand words, a picture of your room with your new floor is almost priceless.” Read More

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Embrace the Perfectly Imperfect With Handmade Tile Trends

The look of handmade tiles has influenced current tile trends and manufacturing techniques as a way to create an unique and organic environment. We’ve explored popular handmade tile and handmade-inspired tile to present some of our favorite examples of how you can incorporate this growing trend. What Is Handmade Tile? Read More

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Unleash the Creativity of Hexagon Tile: Hexagon Tile Uses and Design Ideas

It’s no secret that hexagon tile is one of the most popular tile designs and one of our personal favorites. Hexagon tile’s secret to success: It delivers the best of both worlds. Both retro and a staple of modern design, hexes are playful yet inspired by nature itself. This honeycomb tile design is a hybrid with a key to everyone’s heart. It helps that hexagon tile looks great just about everywhere and in every look and tile style. Think we’re exaggerating? Just keep reading to see what we mean. Read More