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Caesarstone: Major Changes Ahead

Caesarstone Ltd. will close its original quartz-surfaces factory as part of a major revamp of the surfacing company. Company CEO Yos Shiran announced the action today after reporting a net revenue loss of $3.8 million in this year’s first quarter. “It is clear that Caesarstone has been lagging behind in its ability to generate profit and increase value for its shareholders,” Shiran said in a corporate statement. “We believe that swift actions, taken as part of a comprehensive restructuring plan, will allow us to leverage our strong brand and best-in-class products to address these issues.” Read More

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Avoiding Construction Defects through Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Construction problems and failures can be avoided when Master Specification Part 1: General and QA is fully utilized, alongside Part 3: Execution, which includes a detailed QC plan to be implemented by a qualified inspector. Ensuring manufacturer directions are being followed and industry installation standards are being adhered to is key to training the installer and crews, avoiding deficiencies, or catching and correcting them in a timely manner, and avoiding costly failures. Read More

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2023 Tile Trends on Display at Coverings

2023 isn’t about perfection, but about the human element of designs. When it comes to tile, that means we’ll see more undulated (or gently uneven) surfaces. This handmade look gives the impression that each tile was individually crafted, making for a one-of-a-kind design. Read More

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Tile transitions from inside to out

Across the board, industry leaders agreed that porcelain is one of the best tile options for both indoor and outdoor usage. Porcelain is not only a beautiful option with an endless array of design options, but a top performer due to easy maintenance, resistance to the elements including low water absorption and overall durability. Read More

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Industrial Flooring Market - Size, Share, Outlook, and Opportunity Analysis, 2022 - 2030

Flooring process is used to cover the ground surface of buildings by utilizing various covering materials such as tiles, carpets and vinyl. Industrial flooring is used as covering of the industrial buildings and manufacturing units. These flooring provides many benefits over conventional flooring such as easier common repair and maintenance requirements. Read More

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FEATURED TRENDS FOR 2023 The excitement for the 2023 edition of CEVISAMA was palpable as more than 90,000 industry professionals from around the world traversed the exhibition floor to indulge in cutting-edge novelties from over 800 exhibitors. During the four-day show, Spanish tile makers pulled out all the stops, with new production methods and technologies making way for a ground-breaking class of ceramic sensations. The following provides a glimpse of the innovations and trends showcased by some of companies featured on Tile of Spain USA’s “Passport to Creativity” program: Read More

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2023 Tile Trends: Darkening

Are you getting as excited about Coverings as we are? Our review of 2023 tile trends keeps building our anticipation of the show — so let’s check out another! From high-end homes to hospitality interiors, darker hues are being used to give spaces a sense of modern elegance and edginess. Dark interiors can be calming and alluring, making you want to stay a while. You can use dark tile to punctuate a single surface or to darken an entire zone — either way, it’ll effectively set a mood. Popular options include inky blues, gunmetal grays, deep forest greens and jet blacks. Whatever you choose, darkening decor is sure to bring the drama. Read More

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Ceramic tiles stand out for their limitless visual potential, their versatile applications and properties such as their durability and resistance. But what contributions does this material make to the environment and to the current economy? Read More

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Tripping with Tom’s Tips

This is how Tom Jennings (the World Floor Covering Association’s retail swami) explains the reason for his tips for the flooring retailer. He says, “They say champions don’t do one thing 100 percent better, but they do 100 things 1 percent better.” For some reason Tom’s Tips reminds me of Warren Buffet’s famous line about great sales and then a slowdown: “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.” Tom wants you to keep your swim trunks on so you are not found out. Read More