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Ceramic tile provides a durable and waterproof steam environment.

Steams rooms and steam showers in a spa, hotel, gym, and even your own home, create a space for you to unwind and experience therapeutic relaxation. The surface material chosen for steam environments plays an important role in ensuring longevity and functionality. Floor and wall coverings must be durable enough to withstand constant exposure to heat and moisture. Read More

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THE VERSATILITY OF CERAMICS Jan 24, 2024, from Coverings Connected Newsletter Ceramic tiles offer a realm of design possibilities, thanks to their physical and visual… Read More

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Lessons From Barnes & Noble

Remember when small stores throughout America opened and started to offer this thing called VHS tapes of movies? Wow, instead of going to the movies, you could bring the movies home and watch them on your 13-inch TV. Read More

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Make a Smart Splash: Complete Guide to Pool Tile

Whether you’re installing a new pool in your backyard or renovating an existing pool, ceramic and porcelain tile are a reliable, long-lasting, and beautiful choice. Learn everything you need to know about using ceramic and porcelain tile in and around your pool. Benefits of Ceramic and Porcelain Tile for Pools Read More

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Five iconic tiled exteriors

Few things pack a punch like a tiled exterior. Elegant, timeless, intricate, and striking, these iconic buildings all have one wonderful thing in common. Read More

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Crazy For Countertops

Countertops are the keystone in every kitchen, tying together the flooring, walls, cabinetry and appliances. With so many different options available — from quartz to granite, tile to engineered stone — it’s a matter of what is most important to the consumer and identifying the right option for them. Read More

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This & That by Jonathan Trivers

The AI craziness is just around the corner. Where it goes is anyone’s guess, especially in the flooring industry. The first place that will be using this is in operations, inventory replenishment and generally, business systems that will be improved using AI. Read More

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2023 Fall-Winter Tile Trend Report | by Brittney Harmond

This year’s edition of Cersaie proved to be a pivotal one. On top of the show celebrating its 40th anniversary and the milestones the industry has achieved along the way, exhibitors also signaled the dawn of an exciting new era. Tile products were imbued with a holistic sense of inventiveness: color and pattern were bolstered by impressive surface technologies from extra soft finishes with high slip resistance to glossy matte effects. Meanwhile, a host of new prefabricated furnishing options and collaborations with the world’s leading design firms signaled the strength of the industry while carbon-neutral collections and the workings of a new industry ISO standard for embodied carbon demonstrated meaningful contributions to the future of the built environment. Read More

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Tile & Grout Go Hand In Hand

When selecting tile, consumers usually consider components such as design, waterproofing, durability and cost. However, selecting grout along these lines is just as critical. Whether a focal part of the design or hidden away between tiles, selecting the right grout to go with a tile is an essential component to ensuring a successfully designed and long-lasting install. Read More

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Expanding Options

Flooring suppliers are truly taking their global sourcing operations worldwide. As the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) continues to cause massive disruptions to the importation of flooring products, particularly the most popular segment, luxury vinyl tile (LVT), manufacturers are proactively searching for new sourcing alternatives, spanning the globe from India to Mexico. In addition, many are significantly expanding their U.S. manufacturing operations. Read More