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I have heard others say that they think their tiles warped after they were manufactured and shipped from the manufacturer, but I have never seen any proof of it.

Ceramic and Porcelain TileExpert AnswersStandardsWarpage
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Installing the long and thin in width tile planks is a difficult installation because these tiles do tend to have warpage and the shapes of the tiles being off-set from each other with narrow grout joints is challenging.

Ceramic and Porcelain TileExpert AnswersLippageStandards
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First of all not all hollow sounds are voids. Having hollow sounds is not a deficiency and there are no standards addressing hollow sounds, other to say that hollow sounds don’t necessary mean it is a problem.

Ceramic and Porcelain TileExpert AnswersHollow Sounding TilesinstallationStandards
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I’m guessing that the terrazzo floor is the cementitious type and not the epoxy type, but either way, f the terrazzo floor was originally installed correctly, it should not have been harmed by the flood.

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Spot bonding tile is not a legitimate method for installing ceramic tile, including porcelain tile, which is a type of ceramic tile, or stone tile, unless an epoxy adhesive is used in an interior vertical dry application.

BrickCeramic and Porcelain TileExpert AnswersinstallationStandardsstone
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Hollow sounding tile is not considered a defect. It can be an indication that there are voids under tiles or that the tile or the underlying components are not bonded for one reason or another.

Ceramic and Porcelain TileExpert AnswersHollow Sounding TilesStandards
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The debonding of the tile should not be due to the tile unless the tile had some sort of contaminate on its back side that prevented the tile from achieving an adequate attachment to its substrate.

Ceramic and Porcelain TileDebonding TileExpert AnswersfailuresStandards
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Expansion joints, which is a type of movement joint, may or may be required in a tile installation. But always there should be some type of a movement joint installed in all tile applications per industry standards.

Ceramic and Porcelain TileExpert AnswersHollow Sounding TilesinstallationLippageMovement JointsStandards
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