Should Stone Countertop Backsplashes be Thinner than the Countertop


A contractor just installed a Quartzite Calcatta Botanica countertop measuring 1-1/8" thick. He then installed a hightly visible sidesplash which is 1-1/4" thick. . I want him to replace the sidesplash. I had stated I wanted side/backsplashes to be 3/4 " thick. As a standard design/proportion rule, arent backsplashes always thinner than the countertop? Thank You.


ANSWER - There are no industry standards for natural stone countertops that dictates how thick the backsplash is relative to the thickness of the countertop itself.  All of the industry details for countertops depict the thickness of the backsplash as the same as the thickness of the countertop.

From my own experience we always use the same thickness for the backsplash as the countertop.  Having a thicker stone is generally considered desirable for countertops making it appear more substantial and more expensive.

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