CTaSC Market Research for Exporting to the U.S.


Are you a newcomer to the U.S. market? Would you like to increase your exports to the U.S.?

Ceramic Tile And Stone Consultants, Inc. (CTaSC) can provide Market Research for your company to determine the best plan for successful marketing and distribution of your products into the very profitable U.S. market.

Comprehensive Industry Research Reports for the U.S. market are available to give you all the details of the Stone, Ceramic Tile and Floor Covering industries. These reports provide forecasts and trends, and list major importers and their foreign suppliers.

CTaSC Helps Accomplish Your Business Objectives

Understand the People and the Culture

Doing business successfully in the U.S. requires an understanding of its people, culture and customs. Overcoming differences is important and it may be necessary to adjust your business approach in order to reach your objectives.

Take the First Step

CTaSC can help you accomplish your objectives. Our extensive experience in the U.S. industry, combined with our marketing expertise and our many contacts and relationships with large importers, makes CTaSC your best “first step” to enter the U.S. market successfully.

It is important that CTaSC maintains its reputation for representing quality products. CTaSC, therefore, retains the right to review all products to determine the quality level, respective to the products currently offered on the market, prior to any business commitment.

Determine the Demand

CTaSC can conduct marketing research to determine the demand that may exist in the U.S. for your product. We will create a marketing plan for the most effective way to distribute your product, and arrange appointments and introductions for your representative to meet with major importers of stone and ceramic tile.

Assuming your products are of good quality, your prices are competitive, your service is great, and a demand exists for your product, then with CTaSC’s help you would be able to quickly capture a significant amount of profitable business in the U.S.

Once you choose to work with CTaSC, we will draw up an agreement that defines CTaSC’s consulting role and payment for the services. CTaSC requires a retainer fee before starting any research and prior arrangements would be made to guarantee timely payments on the balance due, as CTaSC provides the results to you.

CTaSC Market Research Plan

  • CTaSC will conduct research to determine how similar products are currently promoted and sold in the U.S. through various channels including distributors, home centers, and architectural resources.
  • CTaSC will perform a competitive analysis to identify and evaluate other products of the same category.
  • CTaSC will identify and make contacts with potential importers and distributors of your products.
  • CTaSC will then provide you with a written marketing plan that will give recommendations on the type of advertising, promotion, and sales tools needed to successfully launch your product line in the U.S.

Meet with Industry Representatives to Validate Market Research Findings

As a part of your Market Research Plan, CTaSC can also arrange for your representative and CTaSC to meet with potential large importers to review your product line in order to validate the conclusions of the marketing research report that was written for you.

Once the marketing plan is evaluated and accepted by you, CTaSC will then provide the services for the creation of advertising, promotions, and sales tools. Upon launch of your program, CTaSC will help facilitate commitments and orders from appointed distributors.


Market Research Fees and Other Expenses

The retainer required to engage CTaSC is $5000 US dollars. CTaSC will provide a proposal for your company based on the scope of the work to include a projection of the total approximate cost in US dollars. Any expenses CTaSC incurs while working on your company’s behalf, including travel expenses, will be additional. If extensive travel is required, the overall cost for CTaSC services will go up to compensate for CTaSC’s time on a daily basis. Arranging advertising, creating promotions and sales tools are all additional costs and will be quoted when your needs are determined.

Contact CTaSC

CTaSC welcomes the opportunity to discuss your objectives for the U.S. market at any time.s_logo611 We will request information about your products, your competition, and any current or past history and experience you may have had exporting your products to the U.S.

If you are interested in this service, please contact CTaSC for a confidential initial consultation.