Online Web Survey Services

  • What do your customers, employees, or suppliers think of you?
  • What do your customers think about the products you provide?
  • What do your customers think about the services you provide?
  • What needs do your customers have?
  • What other customer, employee, or supplier insights can you benefit from?
  • Who are your direct and indirect customers?
  • Who are your distributors, dealers, installers, architects, and consumers?
  • Who are your suppliers and vendors?
  • Who are your employees?
  • How do you determine which market is best for your product?
  • What is the best approach to position your products?
  • How do you introduce your products to the U.S. markets?

CTaSC now provides customized web surveys that:

  • Invite your targeted audience to the site with an email and a link
  • Take them to a visually appealing survey that is simple and user-friendly

After the survey expires CTaSC will provide data in graphs, loaded into a PowerPoint presentation, and will provide data in an Excel format spreadsheet.

Prices are quoted based on extent of customization and number of survey participants.

Contact CTaSC for details.