Business Planning Services
for the Ceramic Tile and Stone Industry


Business Planning

Though they know they should, most business owners don’t follow through the process of writing a formal business plan. Whether because of a lack of time or not knowing where to start, don’t be held back in your business by skipping the planning process.

CTaSC can help you create a business plan that will direct your mission and your goals for years to come. It’s your business plan and you will make the decisions. CTaSC will help facilitate the decisions for your company, and then CTaSC will put your plan into writing.

Marketing Plans

Your business can maximize performance and create synergy by coordinating your advertising and promotions with your sales process. Create the structure and collect the information so you can make the best efforts. See our Marketing Services.

CTaSC will facilitate the process of creating structure and will help you collect the information so you can make the best decisions for your company. CTaSC will then put your marketing plan into writing.

Industry Reports

Comprehensive Research Reports for the U.S. Markets are available that will give you all the details of the Stone Industry, the Ceramic Tile Industry and the Floor Covering Industry. The reports provide forecasts and trends, and list major importers and their foreign suppliers.

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Sales Plans

CTaSC can help you create effective sales plans to support and coordinate with your marketing plan. Timing is essential, and CTaSC will help you to perpetuate the plan during the sales period and to keep the sales force motivated.

Promotional Plans

CTaSC can help you create effective promotional plans to support and coordinate with your marketing plan. CTaSC will design the promotions and then measure their success.

All Plans Customized for You

CTaSC understands that all businesses are different. CTaSC will customize your business plan to meet your needs. CTaSC will structure the process and will help you collect and analyze information so you can make the best decisions for your company. CTaSC will formalize your plan in a written format for you to implement.

Business Planning Expertise

Donato Pompo is a member of the Floor Covering Institute. This institute was founded in 2007 with the vision to create an independent resource for the industry that would help companies and people improve their businesses, create new partnerships and business solutions, and find new markets and channels for their products.

The institute has several industry experts with a variety of backgrounds and experiences expanding the options and resources available to our clients.

Strategic areas of focus include mergers and acquisitions, international business, market development, product sourcing, traditional and non traditional marketing including social marketing, brand management, distribution, logistics, claims and complaint prevention, retail including luxury markets, troubleshooting and best practices across many disciplines.

The Floor Covering Institute’s perspective is global. Economic changes, fluctuations in currencies, cost and availability of raw materials, political and cultural changes, environmental policies, technology and innovation – they all affect floor covering markets around the world.

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