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Education and quality are of utmost importance in perpetuating the use and success of ceramic tile, glass tile, and natural stone installations. Ceramic Tile and Stone Consultants (CTaSC) is committed to supporting these industries in any way we can.  Thus, it is our pleasure to share our information and resources with you to help you avoid problems.

Attention Attorneys and Insurance Adjusters – If you are a professional requiring consultation, advice, inspection or expert witness services, please submit your request on our Attorney and Insurance Adjuster form.  Residential and other consumers, please read below.

Residential Consumers

We offer FREE Tile and Stone Installation Guidelines directed to residential consumers where it might not be practical to retain our services, or who are hiring installers to install their ceramic tile, porcelain tile, glass tile or stone on their projects.

We realize that for smaller size projects or problems, it isn’t practical to pay for CTaSC consulting services or forensic services.  So for those situations, we offer free access to our extensive list of Expert Answers which we have compiled over the years. Choose from any of the categories on the right.

If you can’t find your answer, and you have a quick question, feel free to reply to one of the listed questions.  We normally can respond within a few days.

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