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The reason you will get mildew on the tile in a shower is because the water is not draining or drying properly. This could be cause of the tile not being installed correctly with the correct slope on the tile floor.

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Your engineer was basically saying that you have a high water table, meaning that the underground water is very close to the surface of the ground.

Concrete Substrate SlabExpert AnswersLeakMoisture ProblemsstoneWaterproofing
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Regardless of what type of tile you install over your garage, none of the installations will be waterproof unless you waterproof under the tile first.

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It is possible to embed 12×12 inch ceramic tiles into a freshly poured concrete slab, but there are a lot factors to consider. It is recommended to let the concrete cure for 28 days before adhering the tile to it.

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You might have more than just a lack of maintenance problem. If you have mold on the tiles, then the tiles are being subjected to excess moisture.

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You might have a cementitious grout haze over the tile or a latex residual haze from the grout or thin-set adhesive. There are products for removing those types of conditions.

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It is always wise to control dust for both health reasons and for cleanliness reasons. Installers typically use a wet/dry vacuum to collect the dust as they cut through concrete or mortar.

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Granite counter tops are normally fabricated to a high polished surface that makes it easier to maintain.

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First of all if it was installed correctly you wouldn’t have a problem. To fully figure it out I would have to perform a forensic intrusive inspection, which probably isn’t practical for a small shower.

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