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Since the marble was installed over a wood sub-floor, which I assume was plywood, the creaking or squeaky sound is probably due to the plywood not being attached properly.

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Most Granite slabs are either 3/4″ (2cm) thick or 1.25″ (3cm) thick, and the standards are based on those thicknesses. The thinner the stone the less breaking strength the stone will have.

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Depending on the type of natural stone you are trying to match, it can be easy to match or more difficult to match.

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When there is a white haze on a shower floor it is normally either efflorescence precipitation or you have trapped moisture in the tile assembly by applying a non-breathable sealer over the floor.

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Although by definition a porcelain tile is impervious, it can still get dirty. Depending on what kind of texture the tile has on its surface and whether it has micro pores, as many do, some porcelain tiles can have a tendency to collect dirt and not clean easily.

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There are many variables to consider. First you have to know what type of tile was installed. Whether it is a glazed tile (impervious glass-like surface) or unglazed tile (same clay material form top to bottom). If it is an unglazed tile is it porous?

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First of all you need to determine what kind of tile to install? It needs to be slip resistant, and it needs to provide a relatively flat surface so no one trips. If you are in a freeze thaw area then the tile needs to be freeze thaw stable.

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