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Why able I getting Hairline Cracks in my Carrara Marble Shower?

ANSWER - Generally speaking cracks are either reflective cracking where the underlying substrate has a crack or separation and it telegraphs through the marble or there is structural cracking where the structure has excessive deflection…

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Why is water coming out of the grout on the side of our Shower?

ANSWER - From your photo the bottom edge of the wall tile where it is adjacent to the transition joint from the wall to the floor has efflorescence staining.  That suggests water is traveling from…

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Can I install Onyx mosaics in my Shower that don't have grout joints?

ANSWER - First of all what happen to the the 3rd wall in the shower?  I will assume it has a different substrate or you aren't tiling it. Not sure why you are using Schluter…

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Is it alright to use Silicone Sealant to fix a Shower Leak?

Answer: First of all, all of the transition joints in the shower both horizontal and vertical should not have been grouted with a cementitious grout.  They should have been filled with an ASTM C920 resilient sealant…

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Can excessive Steam and Condensation in a Shower caused damage to the Ceramic tiles?

ANSWER - If the ceramic tile was installed correctly over a suitable substrate for a shower application then it will not be harmed from being subjected to prolong hot water, steam, and condensation. Ceramic tile…

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Is Limestone Natural Stone Suitable for a Shower Application?

ANSWER - Limestone is commonly used in shower applications.  Not all limestone are the same.  There are ASTM material standards for each geological classification of natural stone that lists what the maximum or minimum physical…

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Is it recommended to install Carrara Marble in Steam Showers?

ANSWER - I have seen Carrara Marble installed in showers and steam shower successfully, but I have also seen where there were staining problems. Many marbles contain pyrite (iron sulfide) minerals which is a natural…

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Should we replace the discolored Tile and concrete base in the Shower?

ANSWER -  Normally installing tile over damp mortar doesn't cause staining.  We call that a wet set method if the mortar is installed at the same time as the tile is installed.  A thin-set adhesive…

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Why are my subway tiles have stains around the edges?

Answer - If you have subway tiles, I assume you are talking about tiles on the walls of the shower.  Although perhaps you did install the subway tiles on the shower floor. Most subway tiles…

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What is the best product to use to remove Mold/Mildew?

ANSWER - You have to be careful on what cleaning products you use on tile, stone or grout.  Some of the grocery store brands may not be reliable for the type of cleaning you want…

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