Expert Answers Glass Tile grout Stains

What has caused the small rust spots on the bottom of my Glass Tile Swimming Pool?

ANSWER - Looking at the photo you attached, my best guess is that someone used a time capsule fertilizer containing ferrous sulfate near the pool and broadcasted it into the pool. I say that because the…

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Expert Answers Glass Tile Mold Stains

How to remove mildew staining behind Glass Tile?

ANSWER - You can try the Oceanside Glass Tile company to see if they have anything similar to the glass tile that you have.  At one time Boyce and Bean and Oceanside owners were part…

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Expert Answers Glass Tile installation Movement Joints

How to Cut Glass Tile to prevent Chipping and how to install Expansion Joints?

ANSWER - The proper way to cut glass tile is either with a continuous rim diamond blade either wet or dry.  Also you can cut glass tile with manual tile cutters.  The glass tile is…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers failures Glass Tile Hollow Sounding Tiles stone

Is it normal for ceramic porcelain tiles or stone tiles to sound hollow?

ANSWER - First of all, hollow sounding tiles is not considered a defect.  There are no standards addressing hollow sounds, other to say that hollow sounds don’t necessary mean it is a problem. Hollow sounds…

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Expert Answers Glass Tile installation Wet Areas

Was the glass tile in my shower installed correctly?

ANSWER - Some translucent glass tiles are coated with a white coating so that you can't see the conditions under the glass tile.  When there isn't a white coating on the back of the glass…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Debonding Tile Expert Answers failures Glass Tile stone Tenting

What is the difference between Tile Debonding and Delaminated Tile and Tented Tile?

ANSWER - Whether it is stone tile or ceramic tile or porcelain tile or glass tile, if the tile becomes loose or unbonded, then we refer to that either as a tile that debonded or…

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Expert Answers Glass Tile installation Standards

Does the installation of Glass Tile require a Crack Isolation membrane?

ANSWER - There are no mandatory requirements to install glass tile over an ANSI A118.12 crack isolation membrane, unless the substrate to which the tile will be adhered to has non-structural cracks.  Tile cannot be…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Glass Tile installation selection stone

Can Ceramic Tile, Glass Tile And Stone Tile Be Installed In Hot Temperatures?

ANSWER - The answer is yes, there is a concern about too hot of temperatures or too high humidity to install ceramic, glass or stone tile. The thickness of the tile or whether it is…

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Glass Tile Stains

My Glass Tile Changed Color. How can I adjust the color back?

ANSWER - Normally it is due to the color of the thin-set adhesive that affects the color of the glass tile.  I suppose the grout color can to, but generally speaking white grout doesn't distract from…

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Glass Tile installation

Using GE Silicon to glue a piece of glass mosaic to Formica

ANSWER - What you are suggesting doesn’t meet any industry standards, so if something goes wrong you buy it.   In theory the silicone will bond the glass…

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