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Can I Stucco over an Existing Brick?

ANSWER - I would be surprised if the brick is made of porcelain clay which is very dense and has 0.5% absorption or less.  There are some very dense clay brick. Stucco is a weak…

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Can a Tile Mosaic Mural Be Installed Outdoors with High Temperatures?

ANSWER - You didn't indicate if the mosaics are ceramic mosaics or glass mosaics. Ceramic mosaics are normally produced at over 1200 degrees F.  Normally custom ceramic tiles are dried and then fired in a…

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Brick Expert Answers Grout installation stone

Is it better to install Travertine Stone over a Brick substrate instead of a Backer board Substrate?

ANSWER - If the existing brick facade is stable, then it would be better to install the travertine ledger stones over it.  It should be a more structurally stable surface to adhere to.  You will…

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Brick Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers installation Standards stone

Is Spot Bonding Tile an Approved Installation Method?

ANSWER - Spot bonding tile is not a legitimate method for installing ceramic tile, including porcelain tile, which is a type of ceramic tile, or stone tile, unless an epoxy adhesive is used in an interior…

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Brick sealers Slip Resistance stone

My Slate and Brick are too Slippery after Applying a Sealer

ANSWER - Most penetrating sealers today claim to make the stone or tile surface more slip resistant.  Years ago a lot of silicone based sealers were used that make the tile surface very slippery.  Slip resistance…

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