cleaning color Variation Expert Answers Exterior Maintenance sealers Stains

Can I stain my natural stone so it has a consistent darker color?

ANSWER - Staining natural stone isn’t something that is recommended by the natural stone industry.  Using enhancer sealers is what is typically done, but they only last so long.  So if you want to maintain a…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers Exterior installation Moisture Problems Wet Areas

What is causing water to collect on the clubhouse deck that makes it slippery?

ANSWER - A vapor retarder goes under the concrete slab and doesn't have anything to do with water pooling/collecting on the tile surface. Industry standards require that the exterior tile surface that is subjected to…

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cleaning Debonding Tile Efflorescence Staining Expert Answers Exterior failures Inspections Maintenance Stains stone

Why is my Bluestone Patio Tiles coming Loose and Have Efflorescence?

ANSWER - If the flagstone shaped Bluestone is loose and has excessive efflorescence staining then it wasn't installed correctly.   If the patio had been designed correctly and the stone installed properly it should perform well…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers Exterior failures installation Leak Moisture Problems Repairs Waterproofing

What is the best way to repair my tile roof deck that leaks?

ANSWER - It is possible to install tile over tile if the existing tile is in good condition.  If the existing tile is cracked then the new tile installed over it will crack.   In order…

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cleaning Expert Answers Exterior Maintenance Moisture Problems sealers Stains stone

What has caused my Blue Stone to show rust stains?

Questions -  Most stones contain some ferrous oxide minerals that when subjected to excessive moisture can cause a rust-like stain.   For it to occur the stone has to be subjected to some level of moisture.…

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Expert Answers Exterior Maintenance sealers stone

What sealer should on use on my new Travertine Deck?

Answer:  There are sealers that will darken natural stone and give it a wet look that won't make them more slippery.  They are called penetrating enhancer sealers.  They make the stone water resistant.  There are surface…

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Expert Answers Exterior installation stone

How long should we wait to install bluestone pavers over a concrete porch?

ANSWER -  The general rule is to wait 28 days for the concrete to cure, although that depends on the thickness of the concrete, the temperature and humidity,  and the concrete mix. If you use…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Concrete Substrate Slab Expert Answers Exterior Free Tile and Stone Installation Guidelines installation Installation Guidelines stone

How do we install tile on a new concrete side walk?

ANSWER - First of all you need to determine what kind of tile to install?  It needs to be slip resistant, and it needs to provide a relatively flat surface so no one trips.  If…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers Exterior installation selection Wet Areas

What is the best tile to use to prevent Leaking?

ANSWER - Regardless of what type of tile you install over your garage, none of the installations will be waterproof unless you waterproof under the tile first. Some tiles are impervious such as glazed ceramic…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile cleaning Expert Answers Exterior Maintenance

How do I Clean my outdoor Mexican Saltillo Paver Tiles?

ANSWER - You might have more than just a lack of maintenance problem.  If you have mold on the tiles, then the tiles are being subjected to excess moisture.  To be subjected to excessive moisture…

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