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What should I take into Consideration in Selecting a Granite for an Exterior Countertop?

ANSWER - First of all let me give you some background info to consider.  Not all granite, or stones in general, are made equal by mother nature.   Being a natural material the physical properties can…

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Exterior installation Wet Areas

Is it ok to have plywood on a Balcony with tile over it?

ANSWER - The tile nor the stucco should be installed directly over plywood.  The plywood will expand and warp when exposed to moisture. The balcony should be fully waterproof with a slope to drain.  If it…

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Exterior installation

Where can i get frost proof fixer and grout please, cheers?

ANSWER - Normally when you add a tile thin-set mortar latex additive to the thin-set mortar and the grout, it makes it freeze thaw stable.   Check with companies like Laticrete International and Mapei who do…

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Exterior Slip Resistance stone Testing

What is the Coefficient of Friction on Slate Roof tiles?

ANSWER - We deal a lot with static coefficient of friction and dynamic coefficient of friction on stone and other hard surfaces per ASTM C1028 and ANSI A137.1 respectively.   There are many types of slate…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Exterior installation stone

Can I install mosaic tiles over flagstone?

ANSWER - Flagstone is a shape and not a specific type of stone.  It can be a sandstone, granite, slate or ? Regardless, if the stone is properly installed and structurally sound then you could install a…

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Exterior Moisture Problems sealers stone

What can I use to harden and seal my sandstone exterior patio?

ANSWER - I assume you have a class 1 sandstone which is the most absorbing and has the lower physical properties within the quartz geological classification. This stone is suitable for many applications, including back yard…

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Exterior installation Standards

How do I prepare my outdoor patio for a tile installation?

ANSWER - To install tile on your outdoor covered patio you need to consider several things.  Are you in a freeze-thaw climate area?  If so you need a tile that is freeze thaw resistant.  If…

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Exterior selection

What kind of tiles should I buy for an exterior area in high and low temperatures?

ANSWER - For Chicago weather you need to use a tile that is freeze thaw stable.  Generally speaking that is any ceramic tile that has less than 3% absorption, but you need to test the tile…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Exterior failures Tenting

Ceramic Tile Buckling/Tenting Failure

ANSWER - Buckling or Tenting of tile is a problem that is caused by compounding deficiencies. When there is a failure it is never only due to one factor, but rather it is generally due to…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Exterior installation

Exterior Deck Tile Installation

ANSWER - Exterior decks are known for commonly being constructed incorrectly.  Generally when there is a problem it isn't due to any single deficiency, but rather due to compounding deficiencies.  It is not only whether the…

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