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The CBC and ADA are vague and subjective regarding slip resistance requirements. There are quantitative standards for ceramic tile in ANSI A137.1 that prescribe a Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF) test protocol and a minimum requirement for interior, level wet surfaces.

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I am currently working on a project to create a mathematical model of objects sliding off a slate roof but am having difficulty finding coefficients of sliding friction between slate and other materials (i.e metal and wood).

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Do you have any idea of which ceramic tile cleaning products (or cleaning products in general) should NOT be used on tile flooring, mainly due to causing a slippery walking surface?

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Slip Resistancy (COF) of Polished Tile – I have a client who is considering putting Crossville Empire Series (Polished) down in a chapel area of a housing community. While the unpolished product has a slip coefficient greater than 0.6 when it’s wet or dry, the polished product only exceeds 0.6 when it’s dry.

Since the chapel is not a “wet area,” does the Empire tile meet ADA Standards?

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Is shiny tile surfaces slip resistant – We live in Canada. Just purchased a condo in Fl. We want to Put down ceramic floor shiny, BUT AFRAID OF FALLING. (WE ARE SENIORS.)

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How to Keep Icy Tile from being Slippery – We have a ceramic tile outside porch/steps. In the summer it is great. In the winter it becomes a skating rink. What can we do??

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My Slate and Brick are too Slippery after Applying a Sealer – We pressure washed and used sealer enhancer on our outdoor slate yesterday. Today it is soo slippery we can’t walk on it safely. What can we do? Same story on our brick patio but used masonry waterproofer. help!

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Are there sealer enhancers for Travertine that won’t make the stone more slippery? We have a travertine pool deck and want to color enhance it but not change the matte finish. We are concerned about making the pool deck slippery.
Any suggestion?

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Specifying Ceramic, Glass Tile, Stone, and Terrazzo for Slip Resistance by Donato Pompo, CTC, CMR, CSI, CDT, MBA  – The Construction Specifier, Volume 65, Number 10, October 2012 – Slip resistance, ease of maintenance, and application type are all very important to understand when specifying ceramic tile, glass tile, stone, terrazzo, or

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