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Over a 12 month time frame there has been monthly repair trip by Installer to fill voids in travertine. Some fillers popped out 2 and 3 times plus the new ones, some are clear thru to substrate. Question: is there a test for travertine quality, is it 1,2,3 grade?

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I am currently working on a project to create a mathematical model of objects sliding off a slate roof but am having difficulty finding coefficients of sliding friction between slate and other materials (i.e metal and wood).

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Can you tell me if the ASTM C-648 (breaking strength) takes the thickness into consideration? I assume that the min values for a 0.32” thick walltile is different that the min value for a 0.21” thick wall tile, correct?? Do you have those min values for me??

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Hi, I purchased 43m2 of Black Galaxy tiles and did the oil test to work out if I should pre seal them. I left olive oil on for 24 hrs and it just wiped off with no stain so I was happy that I didn’t need to seal them. However, I also did the lemon juice test and found that it noticeably greyed the granite after 10 mins and 3 times as grey after 30 mins.

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Slip Resistancy (COF) of Polished Tile – I have a client who is considering putting Crossville Empire Series (Polished) down in a chapel area of a housing community. While the unpolished product has a slip coefficient greater than 0.6 when it’s wet or dry, the polished product only exceeds 0.6 when it’s dry.

Since the chapel is not a “wet area,” does the Empire tile meet ADA Standards?

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Using Different Tiles Together – I was given a bunch of different tiles that were left over from various tiling jobs. Without any original packaging for reference, how can I determine each tile’s hardness rating? I want to redo my floor and am willing to mix and match, but shouldn’t I make sure that all the different tiles I use have the same hardness rating?

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Quality of Granite – We just purchased a new home, but not directly from the builder. We closed on the same day as the original sale from the builder, though. Our problem is that the kitchen granite is very visibly porous and has millions of mini cracks on the surface. It is not smooth and no matter how much we clean it always looks dirty. The builder sent the granite installer to “re-seal” it, but whatever they did made no difference. We have had granite before and this had never been an issue. The granite contractor says it is the nature of this granite and there is nothing they can do about it. To me, it is unsanitary as food gets stuck on the “unfinished” portions and it is very hard to clean. Could it be that this is substandard granite? Could the quality of the granite be tested? If so, how much would it costs?

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Mortar Bed Compressive Strength – An architect has requested that the mortar bed be at least 4000 PSI compressive strength. Do you know on average what a typical TCA F-111 would be with standard raw sand and
cement? Any information will be appreciated.

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We own a vacation home in Maine that is not heated in the winter. I would like to tile select floors, but wondered whether we would have a problem with tiles cracking. Because the home is used seasonally, the foundation is probably not below the frost line. Also, we do on occasion go up in the winter and I didn’t know if the gradual temperature change as the heat came on could affect tiles.

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