What is the Coefficient of Friction on Slate Roof tiles?


What is the Coefficient of Friction on Slate Roof tiles? Hi, my name is Mark and I am a second year mathematics undergraduate. I am currently working on a project to create a mathematical model of objects sliding off a slate roof but am having difficulty finding coefficients of sliding friction between slate and other materials (i.e metal and wood).
can anyone provide me with any documentation that could help me out?


ANSWER - We deal a lot with static coefficient of friction and dynamic coefficient of friction on stone and other hard surfaces per ASTM C1028 and ANSI A137.1 respectively.   There are many types of slate and the surfaces of the slate can vary from a heavy cleft finish to smooth.  There is the condition of whether it is wet or dry and contaminated with something.   Then there are differences relative to which testing protocol and device is used.  Of course it depends on what other materials is sliding over it.

I do not believe there is any data available on this as far as I know.  The ASTM C406 for roofing slate or ASTM C629 for Slate Dimension Stone doesn’t reference COF or DCOF.

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