Avoiding the Fall

Specifying Ceramic, Glass Tile, Stone, and Terrazzo for Slip Resistance

by Donato Pompo, CTC, CMR, CSI, CDT, MBA

 – The Construction Specifier, Volume 65, Number 10, October 2012 –

Slip resistance, ease of maintenance, and application type are all very important to understand when specifying ceramic tile, glass tile, stone, terrazzo, or any other hard surface material. What degree and type of traffic a tile surface will experience is important, as well as whether it is an interior, exterior, level, or sloped application that will be subjected to dry, wet, or frozen conditions. Specifying the wrong product for the intended use can be a liability to both the specifier as well as to his or her client. The solution to all of these potential challenges are to qualify the suitability of the tile and stone products for the intended application before specifying them and, if necessary, hire a consultant who can help make educated decisions. click here for article.