Do Tile Cleaners Cause Tile to be Slippery?


Do Tile Cleaners Cause Tile to be Slippery? - Do you have any idea of which ceramic tile cleaning products (or cleaning products in general) should NOT be used on tile flooring, mainly due to causing a slippery walking surface?


ANSWER - I do not know of any products that are recommended for cleaning tile that make the tile slippery.  If you use products not recommended for cleaning tile, then who knows what you will end up with...

As long as you use appropriate cleaning products suitable for use over your type of tile, that you use the cleaning product properly, and you maintain the floor regularly and properly, then the tile should not be any more slippery than its inherit nature predicated by physical properties of its manufactured surface.

For information on cleaning products for tile and stone, and for treatment products that can help a slippery surface be more slip resistant go to our website under Resources and Links, under cleaners and sealers to find links to manufacturers of those products.

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