How can we restore a tile floor that was etched to be more slip resistant?


We recently installed a $40,000 porcelain tile floor in a large office building. The tenants claimed that the high gloss tile was too slippery. We had a company that stated they could etch it to give it more grip without losing its high shine or look. The company etched the tiles and the results is horrible. It is uneven and the dirt off of other peoples shoes and deliveries is going underneath the etched surface and can't be reached to clean. Is there anyway to restore the tile so that it at least looks shiny and even again? we will try anything.


ANSWER - The trade-off of etching a tile floor to make it more slip resistant is that it will alter the appearance of the tile and the tile can be come more difficult to clean and it may require more frequent cleaning as it will have a tendency to pick up dirt.

By etching the surface of the tile, you have chemically altered the surface of the glazed porcelain tile. If it is an unglazed/throughbody  porcelain tile you can grind the tile surface to refinish it to a polish or hone surface.  Although you can't do that to a glazed tile without possibly harming the thin glazed tile surface.

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