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What has caused my Blue Stone to show rust stains?

Questions -  Most stones contain some ferrous oxide minerals that when subjected to excessive moisture can cause a rust-like stain.   For it to occur the stone has to be subjected to some level of moisture.…

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What is causing the White Stain on my Granite Countertop and What can I do about it?

ANSWER - I assume you must have an Ubatuba granite counter top. Many granite and other types of stone are treated at the processing plants with sealers or color enhancers or resins to stabilize or…

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What is the thickness tolerance for Engineered marble & quartz?

ANSWER - The standards for Quartz Stone or Engineered Stone, which is a man-made product that generally is made up of about 90% quartz with resin, are currently the same standards as for natural stone.…

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What sealer should on use on my new Travertine Deck?

Answer:  There are sealers that will darken natural stone and give it a wet look that won't make them more slippery.  They are called penetrating enhancer sealers.  They make the stone water resistant.  There are surface…

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Is it recommended to install Carrara Marble in Steam Showers?

ANSWER - I have seen Carrara Marble installed in showers and steam shower successfully, but I have also seen where there were staining problems. Many marbles contain pyrite (iron sulfide) minerals which is a natural…

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Is a hollow sounding spot on a marble installed on a floor a problem?

ANSWER -  I assume  that when you said "tikes" you meant "tile".  So I assume you have marble slabs installed on your floor, and that you are saying that an 18 square inch spot on…

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Will the Wet Spots on my recent Marble Slab Installation go Away?

ANSWER - If you have a number of wet/dark spots on your newly installed marble slabs, it may be that the marble slab was installed in a spot bonded method. If the marble slab was…

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How do I remove the dark stains at the seams of our limestone fireplace?

ANSWER - If you have dark stains at the seams of the limestone fireplace, that suggests that the stone installer used a sealant or resin for those joints that bleed into the stone leaving a…

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How can I remove the Drip Lines on my Quartz Stone in my Shower?

ANSWER - Quartz Stone is a man-made material that is about 90% natural quartz suspended in a resin base. Natural stone and quartz stone can be affected by various chemicals.  The chemicals whether very acidic…

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How do I get White Lemon Juice Stains out of a Marble Countertop?

ANSWER - Marble is made up mostly of calcium carbonate, which is a material that is sensitive to acid.  Lemon juice is acidic with a pH around 2; neutral is a pH of 7.   So…

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