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Since the marble was installed over a wood sub-floor, which I assume was plywood, the creaking or squeaky sound is probably due to the plywood not being attached properly.

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Most Granite slabs are either 3/4″ (2cm) thick or 1.25″ (3cm) thick, and the standards are based on those thicknesses. The thinner the stone the less breaking strength the stone will have.

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Depending on the type of natural stone you are trying to match, it can be easy to match or more difficult to match.

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First of all you need to determine what kind of tile to install? It needs to be slip resistant, and it needs to provide a relatively flat surface so no one trips. If you are in a freeze thaw area then the tile needs to be freeze thaw stable.

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The method you use to re-polish a tile surface depends on what kind of tile you have. You can’t use a chemical by itself to polish a tile.

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Normally Squeaking floors is caused by the plywood sub-floor not being well attached to its base and when you walk on that portion of the floor it moves, which causes the squeak sound.

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The reason you will get mildew on the tile in a shower is because the water is not draining or drying properly. This could be cause of the tile not being installed correctly with the correct slope on the tile floor.

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Your engineer was basically saying that you have a high water table, meaning that the underground water is very close to the surface of the ground.

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Granite counter tops are normally fabricated to a high polished surface that makes it easier to maintain.

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