How do I find a new Tile Installer to Fix or Complete my Tile Installation


I have a tile installation that was not installed correctly and I need to find another tile installer to make the repairs and to complete the tile installation. How do I find a new tile installer?


ANSWER - It is very difficult to find a qualified tile installer to fix problems caused by another installer or to get them to complete an incomplete tile installation.

The qualified installer doesn't want to inherent someone else's problem or get mixed up into the middle of a problem.  They also don't want to complete someone else's installation when he doesn't for for sure how the initial work was installed.  Here again he doesn't want to inherent someone else's problem or get mixed in the middle of a problem.

First you should read our free Installation Guidelines that offers suggestion on how to select a qualified tile installer that you can down load by going to the following page and downloading them

Referrals is a good way of trying to find someone who is a qualified tile and stone installer, but don't assume that guarantees they will do work.  You need to vet them and then during their work you need to verify they are following the manufacturer's directions and industry standards.

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