Order Materials Ahead of Time

Order Materials Ahead of Time

About Order Materials Ahead of Time

As a tile contractor, general contractor, or owner, it’s just a matter of time until you get the call that the crews will be out of thin-set before the day or week is over. There goes your schedule… As frustrating as it is to deal with, it really shouldn’t happen at all these days with the amount of technology we have at our fingertips.

It’s not just running out of setting materials but running out of the tile or stone can be much worse in terms of getting more material quickly. Not only is time a major factor but getting the correct shade of tile or range of natural stone is critical so that it will not stand out once the job is complete.

Just in time (JIT) inventory strategies are the norm these days as no distributor wants or can afford to sit on unused inventory for very long. The best practice is to plan ahead. Installers should plan for long lead times and monitor their supplies. It’s better to have too much material left over than not enough that will put you off schedule and cost you in terms of lost productivity. Distributors and manufacturers should implement inventory control systems that are monitored regularly to avoid running out of products. The last thing anyone wants is to be the angry big guy in the cartoon or the poor salesman.

About the Tilewise Cartoons

TileWise cartoons were developed under Donato Pompo's leadership for Club '84 (Ceramic Tile Action Group).  Club '84 was a non-profit organization of accomplished individuals from all segments of the ceramic tile industry.  The group's mission was to develop and distribute educational aids to educate, train and bring quality awareness to the distributors, specifiers, installers, and consumers of Ceramic Tile.

The TileWise cartoons were created to communicate issuses and concerns in the business of using ceramic tile for all segments of the industry.  The objective was to educate to promote the quality use of ceramic tile.  In each cartoon the screen exaggerates what you shouldn't do or emphasizes an issue or concern, then George the Bucket (named after CTI founder George Lavenberg) says what is correct.  The cartoons ran for twelve years in each issue of the Tile Industry News, a major industry publication, published by the Ceramic Tile Institute until 1999 when it ceased.

Use these cartoons to educate your customers and employees to help avoid potential problems, and to promote a positive image of your company through newsletters, posters or mailings.

We hope you can put these cartoons to good use to help your industry and your business, and we know you will certainly benefit from them if you do.  Good Luck!

The TileWise Cartoons will be displayed and available for your use. Restricted to limited single use. Randy’s cherished wife, Suzanne, is working hard to care for their precious sons, Rudie and Remie. Randy’s sudden illness left them with limited resources. If you can benefit from the use of the TileWise Cartoons, and if you can afford it, a donation to Randy's family would be very much appreciated. Please see form below to pledge whatever amount you would like to donate.

Right click the cartoon of your choice (Restricted to limited single use) and do a "Save Picture As..." to your hardrive.

(over 50 TileWise cartoons for your pleasure, and to use to educate your customers and employees)

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