Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers Standards Tolerances

What are the Sizing Tolerance Standards for Ceramic Tiles?

ANSWER - The manufacturing standards for ceramic tile (porcelain is a type of ceramic tile) in the USA are stated in ANSI A137.1 and ANSI A137.3 for Gauged Porcelain Tile Panels/Slabs. All ceramic tiles will…

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Counter tops Expert Answers Fabrication Natural Stone Quartz Stone Quartzite Standards stone

What are the Natural Stone Countertop Standards ?

ANSWER - The standard practice for suppliers and fabricators of natural stone slabs for countertops and other applications is to have the client inspect and approve the slab before fabricating it.   Typically there is paperwork…

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Expansion Joints Expert Answers installation Installation Guidelines Movement Joints

How Should Movement Joints (expansion joints) be Installed in Tile Installations?

The TCNA EJ171 now allows for zipper or sawtooth generic movement joints in tile installations, where you follow the grout joints within the tile assembly, not into the mortar bed. It is not uncommon for…

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cleaning Expert Answers Marble Showers Stains stone

Why does my Marble Floor have Orange Rust Stains and How can I remove them?

Well… I assume when you say dolomite you are referring to a type of marble, that might in fact be a type of limestone that is commercially referred to as a marble.  I assume you…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Chipping -Pealing Expert Answers Repairs Spalling

Why is my Wood Looking Porcelain Tile Peeling?

ANSWER - I assume that the wood finish ceramic tile is a porcelain tile.   I have seen a couple of cases where it appeared that the thin top layer of the wood looking tile was…

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Counter tops Expert Answers Granite installation Limestone Marble Quartzite

What is the Maximum Cantilever Overhang of a Natural Stone over the side of a Cabinet?

ANSWER - Industry standards state that for 3/4" (2 cm) thick stone you can cantilever the support 6" and for 1.25" ( 3 cm) stone you can cantilever 10".  But in no case can you…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers failures Free Tile and Stone Installation Guidelines installation Installation Guidelines Repairs stone Stone Restoration Workmanship

How do I find a new Tile Installer to Fix or Complete my Tile Installation

ANSWER - It is very difficult to find a qualified tile installer to fix problems caused by another installer or to get them to complete an incomplete tile installation. The qualified installer doesn't want to…

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Expert Answers Grout Lippage Marble Standards stone

What is the Stone Industry Standard for the Allowable amount of Marble Tile Lippage?

ANSWER - Per the Natural Stone Institute Dimension Stone Design Manual the tolerance for the allowable lippage for a for a calibrated marble or any calibrated natural stone floor tile is 1/32".  This is based…

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cleaning Expert Answers Maintenance Stains stone Stone Restoration

ANSWER - The only glue they should be using on a marble countertop is the resin adhesive to bond the section together or to bond the apron to the slab.  Sometimes if they have joints…

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Expert Answers Granite Stains stone Stone Restoration Contractors

Why do I have Brown Spots on my Granite and how do I remove them?

ANSWER - Determining what is causing a stain or how to remove it, depends on whether this is a granite countertop or a granite floor tile or a granite wall tile in a shower or…

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