How to Become a Tile & Stone Expert Installers

How can I become a Tile and Stone Expert Consultant?

The best way to become a legitimate consultant in the tile and stone industry is to become very knowledgeable in knowing and understanding the various industry standards regarding tile, stone and the installation products and…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Grout Stains

Why did the black grout stain my tile?

ANSWER - Some glazed tiles have micro fracturing or even pin holes from off-gassing during the manufacturing process.   It is always recommended to use a grout release to protect the tile from staining before you…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers Flood

Will a Salt Water Flood Damage my Tile?

ANSWER - Porcelain tile is impervious and cannot absorb more than 0.5% to meet the standards for a porcelain body tile.   If the tile was installed correctly and if the substrate is not moisture sensitive,…

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Counter tops Expert Answers Fabrication Marble Natural Stone Slab

What is a Marble Fissure?

ANSWER - The term "fissure" is used commercially in the stone industry to describe a visible separation along intercrystalline boundaries of a natural stone.  This separation may start and stop within the field of the…

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Expert Answers Installation Guidelines Standards Tile Over Tile

Is it Ok to Install Tile Over Tile

ANSWER - Per the tile industry standards it is acceptable to install new tile over an existing tile installation.  Of course the new installation is only as good as the underlying installation.  If the only…

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Concrete Substrate Slab Expert Answers Industry Standards installation Post-Tensioned Concrete

What is Post-Tensioned Concrete and Can I Install Tile Over it?

Post-Tensioning is a method of compressing the concrete with high-strength steel tendons and end plates installed prior to pouring the concrete that counteracts the natural tensile forces created by subsequent loading of people and equipment. …

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Free Tile and Stone Installation Guidelines

Free Tile and Stone Installation Guidelines

Tile Installation Guidelines and Instructions for Installing Ceramic Tile, Glass Tile, and Stone Tile for Residential Installations

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers Standards Tolerances

What are the Sizing Tolerance Standards for Ceramic Tiles?

ANSWER - The manufacturing standards for ceramic tile (porcelain is a type of ceramic tile) in the USA are stated in ANSI A137.1 and ANSI A137.3 for Gauged Porcelain Tile Panels/Slabs.  Large Format Tiles are…

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Counter tops Expert Answers Fabrication Natural Stone Quartz Stone Quartzite Standards stone

What are the Natural Stone Countertop Standards ?

ANSWER - The standard practice for suppliers and fabricators of natural stone slabs for countertops and other applications is to have the client inspect and approve the slab before fabricating it.   Typically there is paperwork…

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Expansion Joints Expert Answers installation Installation Guidelines Movement Joints

How Should Movement Joints (expansion joints) be Installed in Tile Installations?

The TCNA EJ171 now allows for zipper or sawtooth generic movement joints in tile installations, where you follow the grout joints within the tile assembly, not into the mortar bed. It is not uncommon for…

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