Is it Ok to Install Tile Over Tile


I am seeking a professional opinion on the method of tiling installation that was used by a recent contractor I hired.

I recently employed a contractor to demolish existing tile and heated flooring and reinstall a heating mat and new tiling. The contractor completed this work and discovered afterwards that the mat he installed did not work. He offered to install a second time, but unbeknownst to me (I was out of town for the second install), he did not demolish his first installation. He instead laid leveler and installed a second heating mat and set of tiles on top.

I am not happy with the quality of the second installation, but he insists it is the same as the first. I am wondering if this “layering” installation method is an accepted industry practice. He did not consult me before deciding to layer instead of demolish.

I understand that if I were to use your opinion in arbitration or a court, I would need to retain you at a fee. For now I am simply seeking an opinion so I can weigh my options.



ANSWER - Per the tile industry standards it is acceptable to install new tile over an existing tile installation.  Of course the new installation is only as good as the underlying installation.  If the only problem of the underlying installation is that the floor warming system doesn't work then there should be no problem with installing the tile over it.  Of course that is assuming that the first and second tile installation was done properly.  Sometimes you don't have the room to install tile over tile because of the height of the existing conditions such as door thresholds.

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