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The samples provided for approval should represent the full range of the material you will be provided. Generally speaking most quality fabricators will have the client approve the actual slab they will fabricate their countertop from.

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This type of staining normally means it is being subjected to moisture, which perpetuates staining of this type when the moisture comes into contact with iron oxides.

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The only way to determine whether or not the travertine tile cracked as a result of the hot water leak is to perform a forensic inspection by a qualified inspector such as our company CTaSC.

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Many granite slabs are treated with resin color enhancers to make the granite slab look better.

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The pictures attached are from a new install and we have been told by the installers that this is called a fisher. The granite is Bianco Antico.

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We recently had a granite counter installed and it is broken on the side of the island from top to bottom and it is quite noticeable. The company who installed it is saying that we are responsible for any damage since we picked out the slab but we never saw the actual slab we purchased as the manufacturer just showed us a sample and the company also did not call us when the slab arrived before he cut it to provide our final approval. Can he do this to us?

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Unhappy with Granite Installation – I hired local company to reface my kirchen cabinets and install granite in my kitchen, bathrooms, living room. They are one month behind scheduled date for work to be done and whatever they did so far was done very unprofessional. I would like to know how CTaSC can help me to protect my investment and recover my lost?

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