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Is it normal to have a granite countertop have cracks that continue through the stone?

ANSWER - The Natural Stone Institute, formally the Marble Institute of America, Dimension Stone Design Manual states that "Cracks occur in stones as a result of man-made mechanically induced stresses during handling, fabrication, transport, or…

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Expert Answers Physical Properties Polished selection Slab stone

What is the difference between Limestone and Marble?

ANSWER: According to Pizzul Marmi Aurisina's website blog, due to their technical characteristics, stones are particularly suitable for different applications and, indeed, have been used since the ancient times of the Bronze Age in any kind of…

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What is the standard if a Stone Fabricator damages a slab and they can't find a matching replacement?

ANSWER -  It isn't clear from your description  exactly what the  conditions are, but generally speaking, if you have a countertop that is book-matched or if the veining is contiguous, and one of the slabs…

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What is causing the White Stain on my Granite Countertop and What can I do about it?

ANSWER - I assume you must have an Ubatuba granite counter top. Many granite and other types of stone are treated at the processing plants with sealers or color enhancers or resins to stabilize or…

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Expert Answers Hollow Sounding Tiles installation Slab stone

Is a hollow sounding spot on a marble installed on a floor a problem?

ANSWER -  I assume  that when you said "tikes" you meant "tile".  So I assume you have marble slabs installed on your floor, and that you are saying that an 18 square inch spot on…

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cleaning Expert Answers Maintenance Slab Stains stone Stone Restoration

How do I get White Lemon Juice Stains out of a Marble Countertop?

ANSWER - Marble is made up mostly of calcium carbonate, which is a material that is sensitive to acid.  Lemon juice is acidic with a pH around 2; neutral is a pH of 7.   So…

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Are there tolerances for natural stone edge profiles to be consistent looking?

ANSWER - The Marble Institute of America (MIA) Dimension Design Stone Manuel Version 8 says for bullnose or other rounded shaped profile edges that the allowable tolerance is no more variation than +/- 1/32 (+/-…

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Expert Answers installation Slab stone

Questions about how to install a Granite Countertop

ANSWERS - First of all it is odd to have a 1/2" thick granite slab for a countertop.  Maybe you are installing 1/2" granite tiles?  Or maybe you mean you have a 3/4" thick granite?…

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cleaning Counter tops Expert Answers Maintenance Slab stone

Why is it that my granite counter top feels rough?

ANSWER - Granite countertops are normally fabricated to a high polished surface that makes it easier to maintain. Lately, some quartzite and granite countertops are fabricated and installed with a leather finish.  This is a…

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Expert Answers Exterior Mechanical Anchored Slab stone

Can Stone Veneer be Mechanically attached to plywood on a Vertical Surface?

ANSWER - Plywood can be used as sheathing on an exterior wall, although it has to be protected with a grade D breathable moisture barrier. Mechanically attaching the stone to the plywood itself is not…

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Counter tops Expert Answers selection Slab Standards stone

The granite sample I approved does not match the granite countertop I received. What can I do about it?

ANSWER - Based on the few photos you provided, I don’t think the white background sample you approved is representative of the salmon background countertop that you got. Read More

cleaning Expert Answers Maintenance Moisture Problems Slab Stains stone

Why did my Indian Sandstone slabs turn yellow and what can we do about it?

ANSWER - Wow that looks pretty extreme. Considering you could clean it off suggests that the staining is originating on the surface versus within. Considering the covered based has not discolored further suggests that the staining…

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cracks Expert Answers failures Moisture Problems Slab stone

Can a leak in a concrete slab cause a travertine tile to crack?

ANSWER - The only way to determine whether or not the travertine tile cracked as a result of the hot water leak is to perform a forensic inspection by a qualified inspector such as our…

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Backer Board Expert Answers installation Installation Guidelines Slab stone

Should I use mechanical anchors to install my 2cm thick granite stone?

ANSWER - Mechanical anchoring of the stone is always considered the safest method of installation.   If you do use mechanical anchors you need to be aware of the capacity of the particular stone you…

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Counter tops Slab stone

Why did my black granite Counter Top discolor?

ANSWER - Many granite slabs are treated with resin color enhancers to make the granite slab look better. If the granite slab's polished surface was adjusted then the fabricator should have repaired it so it…

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Counter tops Exterior installation Maintenance sealers selection Slab stone

What should I take into Consideration in Selecting a Granite for an Exterior Countertop?

ANSWER - First of all let me give you some background info to consider.  Not all granite, or stones in general, are made equal by mother nature.   Being a natural material the physical properties can…

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Granite Slab Countertop Fissure question

ANSWER - The photos clearly show that the vein separation is a fissure, which naturally occurs in some stones. By definition of the American Geological Institute a fissure is an extensive crack, break, or fracture in…

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Granite Counter Top has Cracked

ANSWER - Granite counter tops, or any other type of stone counter top, are not suppose to break/crack before or after it is installed, as long as the counter top has not been abused such as…

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Unhappy with Granite Installation

ANSWER - In terms of the delay in completing the work you will need to determine if there are any penalty clauses in your contract with the granite installer. As far as the unprofessional work goes…

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installation Slab Standards stone

Are there industry standards for flush Granite sink cutouts?

ANSWER - The Marble Institute of America (MIA) Design Manual does not discuss flush mounted sinks.  It is more common to have a reveal and not common to flush mount sinks.  I would be concerned…

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