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What is the difference between Limestone and Marble?

ANSWER: According to Pizzul Marmi Aurisina's website blog, due to their technical characteristics, stones are particularly suitable for different applications and, indeed, have been used since the ancient times of the Bronze Age in any kind of…

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Is it recommended to install Carrara Marble in Steam Showers?

ANSWER - I have seen Carrara Marble installed in showers and steam shower successfully, but I have also seen where there were staining problems. Many marbles contain pyrite (iron sulfide) minerals which is a natural…

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How do I repair my polished granite floor that was stained by my dog's urine?

ANSWER - Urine is acidic.  Even though natural granite is very chemical resistant, if it is subjected to something acidic and it either isn't cleaned timely or properly, then it can etch the surface of…

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How can I Polish my Marble Tile to get a good Shine?

ANSWER - Assuming when you say marble that it is a true calcium carbonate marble you can buy kits with diamond pads and a powder compound with water to re-polish a marble that has scratches…

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Should both sides of my granite backsplash be smooth and shinny?

Answer - I will assume that when you say both sides of the 4" tall granite backsplash you are talking about the front side which you will see, and the back side that is bonded…

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How do I re-polish Floor Tiles?

ANSWER - The method you use to re-polish a tile surface depends on what kind of tile you have.  You can't use a chemical by itself to polish a tile.

If you have a polished…

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How can I remove a Haze on my Polished Porcelain Tile and What Caused it?

ANSWER - CTaSC has inspectors throughout North America.  This sounds like a relatively small application of tile, so it might not be practical for you to hire an expert forensic company like us even though we…

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