Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Concrete Concrete Substrate Slab Expert Answers Inspections

How can I increase the cure time of concrete?

ANSWER - There are rapid setting concrete mixes that can be purchased like QUIKRETE® Fast-Setting Concrete Mix.  It sets up within an hour, but doesn't stop shrinking right away.  If you heat up the area, some…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers Flood Inspections Insurance Claim Leak Mold

How can you determine if ceramic tile that was in flood has been damaged?

ANSWER - If the ceramic tile was installed correctly and the water wasn't contaminated, then the tile should not have been damaged from the flood incident. Since the tile is installed over a concrete substrate…

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cleaning Debonding Tile Efflorescence Staining Expert Answers Exterior failures Inspections Maintenance Stains stone

Why is my Bluestone Patio Tiles coming Loose and Have Efflorescence?

ANSWER - If the flagstone shaped Bluestone is loose and has excessive efflorescence staining then it wasn't installed correctly.   If the patio had been designed correctly and the stone installed properly it should perform well…

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Counter tops cracks Expert Answers Inspections Slab stone Workmanship

What is the standard if a Stone Fabricator damages a slab and they can't find a matching replacement?

ANSWER -  It isn't clear from your description  exactly what the  conditions are, but generally speaking, if you have a countertop that is book-matched or if the veining is contiguous, and one of the slabs…

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cracks Expert Answers failures Indent Fracturing Inspections stone

How can you determine the cause of Indent Fracturing in Natural Stone?

ANSWER - Indent fracturing in natural stone is due to some sort of shrinkage.  It could be excessively thick thin-set and/or too wet and rich mortar.  Also it could be due to the kind of underlying…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers Inspections

What is causing my Porcelain Floor Tile to develop Blisters?

ANSWER - If in fact you have a glazed or unglazed porcelain tile that has developed blisters that is uncommon. Some ceramic tiles can be very porous, and some porous Mexican tiles are vary porous…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers Inspections installation Installation Guidelines Lippage Movement Joints Standards Workmanship

How can I verify if my tile was installed correctly?

ANSWER - Unfortunately it is difficult for consumers to determine how to select qualified tile installers.  Most installers haven't had any formal education on how to install tile nor do they know what the industry…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers Inspections installation Standards

Are there standards for how ceramic tile installations can be inspected?

ANSWER - There is no standard for how to inspect a tile installation after it is installed.   There are ceramic tile standards in ANSI-A137.1 that give instructions on how to inspect tiles, which have not…

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