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Patching the grout joints to stop the leak is a band aide approach. It does not fix the problem, rather it is only fixing the symptom of the problem.

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Mold is a microbial growth that is ubiquitous, and as long is there isn’t a food source or a environment that promotes mold growth then it will not perpetuate.

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Exterior decks are one of the most common failures in building construction because they are normally constructed incorrectly.

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Leaks sometimes are not easy to find. They can show up in one spot, but the source can come from another area far away.

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I’m guessing that the terrazzo floor is the cementitious type and not the epoxy type, but either way, f the terrazzo floor was originally installed correctly, it should not have been harmed by the flood.

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The leaking of deck causing damages in the ceiling below is the symptom of the cause of the problem. Treating the symptom will not remediate the cause of the problem.

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If the tile was installed correctly, it should not be damaged by being submerged in water. Although quite often tiles are not installed correctly, and there can be resultant damages from a flood.

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Travertine is a calcium precipitate from various types of mineral laden water sources. It is commonly used in showers. So water in itself doesn’t harm it.

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Chances are your toilet is leaking at the wax ring because it got off-set over time as it was being used.

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