How can I find a leak in the Washer Drain Pipe?


A friend has water coming up the house slab into the tile grout lines in the utility wash room. It only happens when the washer drains. Removed the baseboard and lower part of the drywall to see the drain pipe. Ran the washing machine and saw no water in the wall.

Any suggestions?


ANSWER - If the water is consistently coming up through the tile grout joints when the washing machine drains, and you don't see any water in the wall at the drain pipe, then the water from the washer must be leaking or draining below the concrete slab.

You need to follow the drain pipe down further where it enters the sewer or septic tank.  A plumber should have tools like a boroscope to that they can use to locate the breach in the drain pipe.


One thought on “How can I find a leak in the Washer Drain Pipe?

  1. Donato Pompo says:

    response from person asking the original question: We figured to scope the problem would be the next step, but glad for your expertise opinion.
    Actually we think this has been leaking for a while, we just discovered it.

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