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All types of ceramic tile including porcelain tile that is a ceramic tile

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Although by definition a porcelain tile is impervious, it can still get dirty. Depending on what kind of texture the tile has on its surface and whether it has micro pores, as many do, some porcelain tiles can have a tendency to collect dirt and not clean easily.

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There are many variables to consider. First you have to know what type of tile was installed. Whether it is a glazed tile (impervious glass-like surface) or unglazed tile (same clay material form top to bottom). If it is an unglazed tile is it porous?

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First of all you need to determine what kind of tile to install? It needs to be slip resistant, and it needs to provide a relatively flat surface so no one trips. If you are in a freeze thaw area then the tile needs to be freeze thaw stable.

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If water from your shower is leaking into a crawl space the problem is not the cementitious grout joints. There has to be an underlying problem with the shower pan’s waterproof membrane.

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Since you don’t see the purple stain in the pink tile, but you see it in the white tile, and you can’t clean it, it sounds like you have a microbial staining or mineral staining showing through the white tile.

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I have heard others say that they think their tiles warped after they were manufactured and shipped from the manufacturer, but I have never seen any proof of it.

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The method you use to re-polish a tile surface depends on what kind of tile you have. You can’t use a chemical by itself to polish a tile.

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