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How can I Polish my Marble Tile to get a good Shine?

ANSWER - Assuming when you say marble that it is a true calcium carbonate marble you can buy kits with diamond pads and a powder compound with water to re-polish a marble that has scratches…

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How do I re-polish Floor Tiles?

ANSWER - The method you use to re-polish a tile surface depends on what kind of tile you have.  You can't use a chemical by itself to polish a tile.

If you have a polished…

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Can limestone tiles be cleaned using Heated High Pressure Extraction?

ANSWER - The reason you will get mildew on the tile in a shower is because the water is not draining or drying properly.  This could be cause of the tile not being installed correctly…

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What do I use to Clean and Seal my Slate Tiles?

ANSWER - Slate will wear from the exposure to the weather.  If it is spalling (flaking) it could be due to the stone be subjected to excessive moisture.  The white chalky spots could be efflorescence,…

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Should a Marble Floor that was Spot Bonded and Sounds Hollow be Replaced or Restored?

ANSWER - First of all a hollow sounding marble floor is not considered a defect in itself.   It could be a symptom of a defect.  The only way to determine that is to see…

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