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How do I find a new Tile Installer to Fix or Complete my Tile Installation

ANSWER - It is very difficult to find a qualified tile installer to fix problems caused by another installer or to get them to complete an incomplete tile installation. The qualified installer doesn't want to…

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How to Remove Adhesive Stains from a Calcutta marble countertop

ANSWER - The only glue they should be using on a marble countertop is the resin adhesive to bond the section together or to bond the apron to the slab.  Sometimes if they have joints…

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What is Causing my Kitchen Marble Countertop to Stain?

ANSWER - Marble isn't the safest material to use on a kitchen countertop because it is primarily comprised of calcium carbonate that is chemical sensitive and has a tendency to scratch.  Having a honed surface…

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How do you remove stains in Limestone in an Exterior Application?

ANSWER - Limestone stone is a calcium carbonate sedimentary natural stone.  It contains various minerals such as ferrous oxide that when subjected to excessive moisture can develop mineral stains. Sometimes this is just minor staining…

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Why are my 1x1 Marble Tiles not Shinny After Grouting?

ANSWER - Denatured alcohol is acidic and can act as a solvent to break down sealers or stains that could be on the stone.  They use oxalic acid in polishing stone because it breaks down…

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How do you remove smudges from floor tiles?

ANSWER - First you need to determine what caused the smudges on the tile in order to determine how to remove them. If you have a polished porcelain tile there is a condition known as…

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How long will it take for Limestone to Dry from being wet, and will the dark spots go away?

ANSWER - There are 3 subcategories of limestone per ASTM C568.   Their physical properties vary from being vary porous to very low absorbing. How fast the limestone will dry depends on how absorbing it is,…

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How to Remove Grout Haze from Polished Marble Tile?

ANSWER - Normally to remove a cementitious haze you use acid, but not just any acid as acid used wrong can cause etching problems.  Never use muriatic acid like what is added to pools.  Sulphamic…

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How do I remove the dark stains at the seams of our limestone fireplace?

ANSWER - If you have dark stains at the seams of the limestone fireplace, that suggests that the stone installer used a sealant or resin for those joints that bleed into the stone leaving a…

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How can I remove the Drip Lines on my Quartz Stone in my Shower?

ANSWER - Quartz Stone is a man-made material that is about 90% natural quartz suspended in a resin base. Natural stone and quartz stone can be affected by various chemicals.  The chemicals whether very acidic…

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