How do you remove stains in Limestone in an Exterior Application?


customers just installed lime stone slabs and walls outside there newly constructed home.

there are many rust looking or brown muddy looking spots in various places. How do we remove this or is it something that will keep recurring. there is about 7000 sq ft of slabs walls and benches .

Please give me your suggestion, customer has spent over $150 ,000 of limestone in there back yard . there not happy seeing these stains

I look forward to your reply.


ANSWER - Limestone stone is a calcium carbonate sedimentary natural stone.  It contains various minerals such as ferrous oxide that when subjected to excessive moisture can develop mineral stains.

Sometimes this is just minor staining that can occur.  If the stone wasn't installed correctly and it is being subjected to excessive moisture it can develop excessive staining.

Some of these stains can be removed, but will return if they continue to be subjected to excessive moisture.   You can experiment with different poultices to see if the stains can be removed.  You should hire an experienced profession store restoration company to attempt to remove the stains.

Sealing the stone can help minimize the staining if the moisture is coming from the surface, but won't help if the source of the water is from below the stone.

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