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Should I Install Limestone Coping on my Pool?

Always take what the contractor says with a grain of salt and make sure there is documents backing it up.  Don’t assume they are doing things correctly and read the directions that they likely don’t…

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What is the Maximum Cantilever Overhang of a Natural Stone over the side of a Cabinet?

ANSWER - Industry standards state that for 3/4" (2 cm) thick stone you can cantilever the support 6" and for 1.25" ( 3 cm) stone you can cantilever 10".  But in no case can you…

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Why is my New Marble Floor Tile Discoloring?

ANSWER - The marble may in fact be retaining moisture and maybe it will go away after it dries out.  On the other hand natural stone has various minerals within it that can react with…

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How do you remove stains in Limestone in an Exterior Application?

ANSWER - Limestone stone is a calcium carbonate sedimentary natural stone.  It contains various minerals such as ferrous oxide that when subjected to excessive moisture can develop mineral stains. Sometimes this is just minor staining…

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