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I am installing 12 inch by 12 inch by 1 inch thick travertine pavers as coping for an partially in ground Endless Pool that is located in the interior of the home. The pool walls are powder coated steel. Can I install the pavers directly on top of the steel(this is the method I would prefer for aesthetics)? Or is a backer board mandatory? Could the backer board be attached with adhesive if it is required?

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Salt Water Pools and Spalling Stone – Do you have a rule or industry standard that travertine tile ” Must Not ” be used on the water line area for a salt water pool?

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Swimming Pool and Spa has tile falling off – I have a swimming pool and spa that has tile on its surface. It was only installed a year ago and we have tiles falling off. What could be causing this and what can we do to repair it?

Debonding TilefailuresPool and Spa
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by Carolina Olivieri – ASPA AQ Pool Quarterly Magazine, Summer 2009 – If ceramic tile, glass tile or stone is not properly installed in swimming pools and spas it can lead to swimming pool tile failures and spa tile failures.  It is important that the tile is suitable for the swimming pool

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Installing Tile in Spa or Swimming Pool – I am in the process of installing new tile in the spa. some of the tile will be in water, the bottom of the spa is plaster.I have consulted with employees at several stores with a very conflicting amount of installing information and products to use. I would like the job done right the first time! I have installed tile on floors but this has to be water proof.

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