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Should I Install Limestone Coping on my Pool?

Always take what the contractor says with a grain of salt and make sure there is documents backing it up.  Don’t assume they are doing things correctly and read the directions that they likely don’t…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers Granite installation Installation Guidelines Pool and Spa stone

How do I replace my Spa Spillway Surface?

ANSWER - I assume you will remove the existing spillway.  Assuming it is bonded to a mortar bed or to the gunite/shotcrete substrate, after removing the existing spillway, make sure you scarify it and it…

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Can I Install Mosaic Tiles over an Old Eroding Sandstone Flagstone Tile?

ANSWER - I assume this is an exterior application of the sandstone in a flagstone irregular shape.  Sandstone is Quartz stone from a geological point of view, but it is a class 1 that is…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers Freeze-Thaw Pool and Spa Spalling

Why do my Pool Water Line Tiles have pits in them?

ANSWER - Being in the mountains and having your pool subjected to snow and freezing conditions would suggest that your pool waterline tiles are not freeze-thaw stable. Meaning that the tiles are porous enough that…

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installation Movement Joints Pool and Spa Wet Areas

Can Travertine Pool Coping be installed over steel?

ANSWER - It is possible to adhere the travertine tiles directly to the steel.  There is no need or value to use backer board in an application such as this. The steel has to be scarified…

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How do you waterproof a tile floor that is already installed?

ANSWER - If the ceramic tile is already installed there is no way to fully waterproof the floor after the fact, unless you replace the tile and install a legitimate waterproof membrane during the replacement…

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Moisture Problems Pool and Spa selection Standards stone

Any rule or industry standard for travertine and salt water pools?

ANSWER - There is no standard addressing stone and salt water pools.  Salt Water pools are relatively new and recently more popular, so we are just now starting to see some problems with certain stones and…

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Debonding Tile failures Pool and Spa

Swimming Pool and Spa has tile falling off

ANSWER - Tiles whether ceramic tiles or natural stone or glass tiles they should not fall off.  There are all-tiled pools that go back over 100 years and they are still performing well today.  Tile when installed correctly is a…

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installation Pool and Spa Wet Areas

What thinset, grout to use when installing new tile in a spa?

ANSWER - I will assume the spa surface will be a plaster material.  You mentioned something about wood, but never install directly over wood in a wet area.  Whether you are tiling the whole spa…

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