Can Travertine Pool Coping be installed over steel?


Can Travertine Pool Coping be installed over steel? I am installing 12 inch by 12 inch by 1 inch thick travertine pavers as coping for an partially in ground Endless Pool that is located in the interior of the home. The pool walls are powder coated steel. Can I install the pavers directly on top of the steel(this is the method I would prefer for aesthetics)? Or is a backer board mandatory? Could the backer board be attached with adhesive if it is required? Thanks.


ANSWER - It is possible to adhere the travertine tiles directly to the steel.  There is no need or value to use backer board in an application such as this.

The steel has to be scarified to remove any coatings.  You can use an epoxy like Latapoxy 300 or a less expensive modified epoxy like Latapoxy 210 to bond the stone to the steel (  Follow the product manufacturer’s directions.

There does need to be a movement joint filled with a closed cell backer rod and an ASTM C920 sealant at the transitions from the coping attached to the steel to the adjacent materials.

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