Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers Exterior installation Installation Guidelines Installation Products - Adhesives Standards stone Vapor Barrier Waterproofing

What kind of Water Resistant Barrier or Vapor Barrier should be used For Exterior Tile Veneer Installations?

ANSWER  - W244E can be a ceramic or glass tile or a stone application for an exterior framed wall with cement backer board over it.   If it is a cementitious backer board then they would put…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers failures grout Leak Movement Joints Repairs Sealant Caulk Showers Waterproofing Wet Areas

Is it alright to use Silicone Sealant to fix a Shower Leak?

Answer: First of all, all of the transition joints in the shower both horizontal and vertical should not have been grouted with a cementitious grout.  They should have been filled with an ASTM C920 resilient sealant…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers Hollow Sounding Tiles Repairs Waterproofing Wet Areas

How do I make Repairs on Schulter Ditra Mat?

ANSWER -  First of all having tiles that sound hollow is not a defect in itself.  Normally when tiles are installed over a membrane of some sort; like Ditra it will cause hollow sounds because…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers failures grout installation Leak Moisture Problems Movement Joints Standards Waterproofing Wet Areas

Why is my Tiled Balcony Leaking and How Can I fix it?

ANSWER - When there is a problem it normally is not due to one deficiency, but due to multiple compounding deficiencies. You state that the peel and stick moisture barrier was properly installed.  If if…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers Exterior failures installation Leak Moisture Problems Repairs Waterproofing

What is the best way to repair my tile roof deck that leaks?

ANSWER - It is possible to install tile over tile if the existing tile is in good condition.  If the existing tile is cracked then the new tile installed over it will crack.   In order…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile installation Squeaky Floors Waterproofing

Why are our Tile Floors Squeaking?

ANSWER - Squeaky tile floors normally mean that either the wood sub-floor under the tiles is not stable in those spots or wasn't fastened down properly. When you install tile over tile the new tile…

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Concrete Substrate Slab Expert Answers Leak Moisture Problems stone Waterproofing

What could cause water to come up through my Grout Joints?

ANSWER - Your engineer was basically saying that you have a high water table, meaning that the underground water is very close to the surface of the ground. The french drains only work if the…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers failures installation Leak Movement Joints Repairs Waterproofing Wet Areas

How can I find where the water is coming from in my Leaking Tiled Shower?

ANSWER - First of all if it was installed correctly you wouldn’t have a problem.  To fully figure it out I would have to perform a forensic intrusive inspection, which probably isn’t practical for a…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers installation stone Waterproofing Wet Areas Wood Subfloor

How do we install a tile shower over a Wood Sub-floor to meet ADA Handicap requirements?

ANSWER - For an ADA shower you can’t have a curb/dam.   You need a minimum slope to drain of ¼” per foot and no more than ½” per foot.   You need a two part drain…

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Expert Answers installation Moisture Problems Stains stone Waterproofing

Does Xypex Additive in Concrete help prevent Efflorescence in Bluestone Tile?

Xypex is suppose to waterproof the concrete.  So in theory it should prevent moisture migration in the concrete wall to help reduce the possibility of efflorescence.  You can still get efflorescence from the mortar or…

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