Slope to Drain

Slope to Drain

About Slope to Drain

Water damage in construction is a huge problem and can add up to millions of dollars in repairs. Much of that cost is due to collateral damages caused by a construction defect. One common defect in tile and stone installations is the lack of slope in wet areas such as showers, exterior decks and balconies. Water needs to be managed in these applications by using waterproof membranes. Water should be directed to drains and away from moisture sensitive materials. Not only is the surface slope to drain of a tile or stone assembly important, but the underlying slope to drain is just as important, if not more so. Water that penetrates the tile and porous grout travels beneath the tile, and if that water isn’t directed to a drain that properly drains it away, it can result in many types of moisture damages particularly with stone applications. If water becomes stored under the tile due to lack of slope or plugged drain weep holes, then the tile can be subjected to excessive moisture conditions that may never completely dry. As the stored moisture migrates through the concrete, tile and grout, it picks up minerals (salts) that dissolve into the moisture and travels with it. As the moisture reaches the surface it evaporates and those minerals solidify (crystallize) and expand, and the result can be a condition called “spalling” (deterioration of the surface) and staining. The key message here is make sure the tile assembly is sloped to drain at the surface and at the subsurface. Plus make sure there is a waterproof membrane under the tile and stone assembly to direct the water to drains. Follow the industry standards per ANSI A108 and TCNA Handbook.

About the Tilewise Cartoons

TileWise cartoons were developed under Donato Pompo's leadership for Club '84 (Ceramic Tile Action Group).  Club '84 was a non-profit organization of accomplished individuals from all segments of the ceramic tile industry.  The group's mission was to develop and distribute educational aids to educate, train and bring quality awareness to the distributors, specifiers, installers, and consumers of Ceramic Tile.

The TileWise cartoons were created to communicate issuses and concerns in the business of using ceramic tile for all segments of the industry.  The objective was to educate to promote the quality use of ceramic tile.  In each cartoon the screen exaggerates what you shouldn't do or emphasizes an issue or concern, then George the Bucket (named after CTI founder George Lavenberg) says what is correct.  The cartoons ran for twelve years in each issue of the Tile Industry News, a major industry publication, published by the Ceramic Tile Institute until 1999 when it ceased.

Use these cartoons to educate your customers and employees to help avoid potential problems, and to promote a positive image of your company through newsletters, posters or mailings.

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