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How do I find a new Tile Installer to Fix or Complete my Tile Installation

ANSWER - It is very difficult to find a qualified tile installer to fix problems caused by another installer or to get them to complete an incomplete tile installation. The qualified installer doesn't want to…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Debonding Tile Expert Answers failures Grout Installation Guidelines Showers Standards Waterproofing Workmanship

How do we determine what caused our Tile Shower to Fail?

ANSWER - You are asking a lot that can't be answered without performing a forensic inspection to determine what is causing the failures.  I can make some general statements that may or may not apply…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers installation Standards Workmanship

What are the standards for the proper alignment for tile installations?

ANSWER - ANSI A108.02 are the standards for tile installer workmanship.  Some of the standards are quantitative, but many are qualitative and subjective. The only reference to alignment is that the tile should be installed…

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Why do I now have Problems with my Limestone After it was Cleaned and Re-Sealed?

ANSWER - Refinishing or restoration of stone floors is a common maintenance process.  There are many levels and degrees of what that might involve. Typically the stone floor will be cleaned with cleaning solutions and…

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installation Lippage stone Workmanship

What is the allowable Lippage for Cleft/Ungauged Natural Stone?

ANSWER:  According to the NSI-MIA Dimension Stone Design Manual VIII, the maximum allowable lippage (the amount of vertical difference between two adjacent tile edges) for a calibrated smooth finished natural stone is 1/32". Although the…

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Counter tops cracks Expert Answers Inspections Slab stone Workmanship

What is the standard if a Stone Fabricator damages a slab and they can't find a matching replacement?

ANSWER -  It isn't clear from your description  exactly what the  conditions are, but generally speaking, if you have a countertop that is book-matched or if the veining is contiguous, and one of the slabs…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers Grout Standards Workmanship

What are the Standards for how to Finish the Grout in a Tile Grout Joint?

ANSWER - Per ANSI A108.10 Installation of grout in Tilework, it says that all grout joints shall be uniformly finished. Cushion edge tile shall be finished evenly to the depth of the cushion. The grout…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers Inspections installation Installation Guidelines Lippage Movement Joints Standards Workmanship

How can I verify if my tile was installed correctly?

ANSWER - Unfortunately it is difficult for consumers to determine how to select qualified tile installers.  Most installers haven't had any formal education on how to install tile nor do they know what the industry…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers Grout Installation Guidelines Movement Joints Standards Workmanship

Are there Tolerance Standards for Grout or Caulking Joint Width Variation?

ANSWER - You are correct to install caulked movement joints at the perimeters and inside vertical corners of the tile installation.  Caulk should be an ASTM C920 silicone sealant per TCNA EJ171 standards.

The ceramic…

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Expert Answers installation Squeaky Floors stone Workmanship

Why does my New Marble Floor make Creaking Sounds and is it a Defect?

ANSWER - Since the marble was installed over a wood sub-floor, which I assume was plywood, the creaking or squeaky sound is probably due to the plywood not being attached properly.   The plywood itself between…

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