Ceramic and Porcelain Tile cleaning Efflorescence Staining Expert Answers sealers

Will Sealing a Saltillo Tile prevent the White Efflorescence Staining?

ANSWER - Sealing a Saltillo tile doesn't waterproof the tile. Sealing the tile only makes it moisture resistant.  A sealer should help to minimize the white efflorescence staining, but it may or may not stop…

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cleaning Expert Answers Maintenance sealers stone Travertine

How to clean Unfilled Travertine Floors

ANSWER - I would never recommend installing unfilled travertine or any unfilled stone on a floor or it will collect dirt that could then develop into microbial growth if moisture is present.  It would be…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile cleaning Expert Answers Maintenance sealers

How can I keep my Porcelain Floor Tile from giving off a Dirt that doesn't come clean?

ANSWER - A true porcelain tile will not degrade or bleed that would cause a residue on the surface of the tile that would transfer to your socks.   Porcelain tile is very dense and fired…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers sealers

Can I seal a Saltillo Terra Cotta tile with a Sealer that won't change its appearance?

ANSWER - There are sealers called penetrating sealers that seal the tile but doesn't change the appearance of the tile. These is a product called Miracle 511 Impregnator Porous Plus meant for high absorbing tiles…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile cleaning Expert Answers Grout sealers Stains

How Can I Remove Contrasting Grout Staining in a Black Tile?

ANSWER - The grout that you used may be a polymer modified grout similar to a grout with a latex additive.   Acids won't attack the polymer, but there are products for removing latex haze.  Try…

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Expert Answers failures Glass Tile Moisture Problems sealers Showers Stains

Why is my Subway Glass Tiles with Wood Grain Deteriorating?

ANSWER - Regarding whether sealing a cementitious grout makes it waterproof, it doesn't.  Using an appropriate penetrating sealer over grout will make it moisture resistant, it will make it stain resistant, and it normally will…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers Grout Maintenance sealers

Do I have to reseal my tile and grout?

ANSWER - The unglazed porcelain tile should technically be impervious with an absorption of 0.5% or less.  That doesn't mean it can't stain, when it can if something is left on it long enough and…

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Counter tops Expert Answers Maintenance sealers Stains stone

Can Petit Granit Limestone Countertops Stain?

ANSWER - In spite of the name suggesting it is granite, Petit Granit is known as a Belgian Limestone.  Several sources on the internet state not to use it as a countertop and say it…

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Acid Etching Caulk Ceramic and Porcelain Tile cleaning Expert Answers Maintenance Sealant Caulk sealers Stains

Are there Tile Sealers that are resistant to Urine?

ANSWER - I assume you are saying that you seal your tile with a sealer and that your dog's urine is causing the sealer to be removed. Sealers are meant to minimize the chances of…

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color Variation Expert Answers sealers Stains stone

Why won't my Limestone Stain Uniformly when I try to Stain it?

ANSWER - It is not common to stain natural stone. There are enhancer sealers that applied to enhance the natural color of the stone. Natural stone is just that.  Every piece of stone is somewhat…

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