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Can I stain my natural stone so it has a consistent darker color?

ANSWER - Staining natural stone isn’t something that is recommended by the natural stone industry.  Using enhancer sealers is what is typically done, but they only last so long.  So if you want to maintain a…

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Can I install Onyx mosaics in my Shower that don't have grout joints?

ANSWER - First of all what happen to the the 3rd wall in the shower?  I will assume it has a different substrate or you aren't tiling it. Not sure why you are using Schluter…

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Why does my Granite show white powdery streaks after applying sealer?

ANSWER - First of all the data sheet for Mapei Ultracare says not to install it on the surface of the tile.  It sounds like that is what you did. I'm not sure why it…

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How do I remove the stains in my Granite Floor Tiles?

ANSWER - The dark color spots could possibly be due to underlying moisture below the granite tiles or they could be stains in the granite tiles. Granite is suppose to be technically impervious meaning low…

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Why do I now have Problems with my Limestone After it was Cleaned and Re-Sealed?

ANSWER - Refinishing or restoration of stone floors is a common maintenance process.  There are many levels and degrees of what that might involve. Typically the stone floor will be cleaned with cleaning solutions and…

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What can I do about my Porcelain Tile Staining?

ANSWER -  The Daltile Avondale West Tower product looks to be an unglazed/through-body porcelain tile.  It comes in polished and unpolished.  I am assuming you have the unpolished material.  Porcelain tile is very durable.  Unglazed…

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Is Limestone Natural Stone Suitable for a Shower Application?

ANSWER - Limestone is commonly used in shower applications.  Not all limestone are the same.  There are ASTM material standards for each geological classification of natural stone that lists what the maximum or minimum physical…

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Why did my Gray Stone turn Brown after sealing it, and how do remove it?

ANSWER - Depending on what type of sealer you applied, it can enhance the natural color of the stone.   So perhaps the installed stone unsealed, or perhaps the sample that you originally selected, appeared to…

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Why is my glazed porcelain tile floor get so dirty?

Answer - We have seen and investigated commercial projects where there was a glazed porcelain tile floor and  some tiles got dirty easy and others didn’t.  We were able to evaluate the tiles with a microscope…

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Why did the porcelain tile under my rugs turn dark?

ANSWER - Porcelain tile is not known to fade.  It is not uncommon to find that the tile color under rugs that have been in place a long time are a different color or shade. …

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