Are there Tile Sealers that are resistant to Urine?


I had the grout of my tile floors professionally cleaned and sealed. I have small dogs. Where they accidentally urinate the sealant is coming off. Do you know of a sealing product that can withstand urine?


ANSWER - I assume you are saying that you seal your tile with a sealer and that your dog's urine is causing the sealer to be removed.

Sealers are meant to minimize the chances of the tile or grout to stain.  The sealer should cause the urine to bead up and not readily absorb into the tile or grout.  If the urine is cleaned up right away it should not stain or etch the tile or grout.  Urine is acidic so if left too long on the floor it could degrade the sealer.

As long as water or urine beads up on the floor and grout and doesn't leave a wet spot after it is wiped up then the sealer is doing its job.  If that doesn't happen then it is time to reseal the floor.

There is traffic grade sealant caulking that can be used in grout joints that are chemical resistant, but you have to remove the grout and that would not do anything for the tile itself.

2 thoughts on “Are there Tile Sealers that are resistant to Urine?

  1. Barbara DeSimone says:

    I just had the grout Professionally Cleaned and sealed. There is color in the sealant. I let it cure, but every time I clean up urine, even right away, Parts of the sealant come off.

    • Donato Pompo says:

      Sealers recommended for tile installations generally don’t have color. They either are penetrating sealers that don’t affect the appearance of the tile or they are enhancer sealers that give porous tiles or stones a wet look. There are concrete sealers that come in colors, but I haven’t seen where they are recommended for going over tile floor installations .

      You should get the data sheet for the sealer that was used to determine if it is recommended for your application and to determine if it was applied correctly. If you need to remove the sealer check with the sealer manufacturer to determine how best to remove it.

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