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Is it ok to Have Both Hardwood and Tile on the Floors of your House?

ANSWER - There is nothing wrong with having some rooms with hardwood flooring and other rooms with ceramic porcelain tile as I do in my house.  You need to be careful about the transitions from…

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Expert Answers Physical Properties Polished selection Slab stone

What is the difference between Limestone and Marble?

ANSWER: According to Pizzul Marmi Aurisina's website blog, due to their technical characteristics, stones are particularly suitable for different applications and, indeed, have been used since the ancient times of the Bronze Age in any kind of…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers Floor Warming selection stone

Can I use Travertine Tile over a Radiant Heated Floor, if not, what should I use?

ANSWER - As long as the tumbled travertine tile is installed correctly or a correctly installed radiant floor system, it should not be a problem. Note that using a natural stone will require more maintenance…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers Performance selection

What recourse do I have if I was sold a wall tile for a floor application?

ANSWER - There are smooth floor tiles as well as smooth wall tiles.  Often floor tiles are used on walls as well as on floors. On shower floors they should be using a tile that…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Concrete Tiles Expert Answers installation selection

Can cement encaustic tile be used for a wood stove surround?

ANSWER - Encaustic tiles are a cement based material.  There are no industry standards that address what the physical properties are and how they should perform.  So the quality of the material you get can…

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How can we match an existing marble that is 20 years old?

ANSWER - First of all natural stone can vary in appearance and performance depending on which quarry it comes out of or what portion of the quarry it comes out of. Some natural stones have…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Concrete Substrate Slab Expert Answers Flood installation Leak Moisture Problems selection

What kind of Tile Should I install over my concrete slab that has high moisture readings?

ANSWER - I assume you had a water leak of some sort that resulted in your concrete slab having a high level of moisture.  If that is the case, then you should let the slab…

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Expert Answers Repairs selection stone

How can I match my existing Marble Floor?

ANSWER - Your description of the marble sounds like it could be a Perlino Rosato Marble. Depending on the type of natural stone you are trying to match, it can be easy to match or…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Expert Answers Exterior installation selection Wet Areas

What is the best tile to use to prevent Leaking?

ANSWER - Regardless of what type of tile you install over your garage, none of the installations will be waterproof unless you waterproof under the tile first. Some tiles are impervious such as glazed ceramic…

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Counter tops Expert Answers Maintenance selection Stains stone

What is the best type of material to use on a laboratory counter top?

ANSWER - The best counter tops for laboratories that is known to be chemical resistant is soapstone.  It is a natural stone that has been used for many years in these types of applications.  It comes…

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