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The samples provided for approval should represent the full range of the material you will be provided. Generally speaking most quality fabricators will have the client approve the actual slab they will fabricate their countertop from.

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Normally we don’t have problems finding natural stone to match existing installations for repairs.

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There is no industry standard for defining what is first choice natural stone.

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Over a 12 month time frame there has been monthly repair trip by Installer to fill voids in travertine. Some fillers popped out 2 and 3 times plus the new ones, some are clear thru to substrate. Question: is there a test for travertine quality, is it 1,2,3 grade?

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When does a tile pattern increase labor during installing and spacing? Is there likely more tile cutting and waste involved?

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We just had a Travertine shower installed in our home. I noticed a surprisingly large number of open pits and pores in the stone. Is this normal or is it a problem?

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