Can cement encaustic tile be used for a wood stove surround?


Can cement Encaustic tile be used for a wood stove surround?


ANSWER - Encaustic tiles are a cement based material.  There are no industry standards that address what the physical properties are and how they should perform.  So the quality of the material you get can vary depending on who produces it.

Cement based Encaustic tiles are thicker, heavier, are more irregular, more difficult to install, and are prone to be susceptible to various types of products compared to a ceramic porcelain tile.   In theory, the cement based Encaustic tiles should not be harmed if they are installed behind a wood stove; assuming the tile isn't in contact with the wood stove or installed over metal, and you are using the appropriate substrate and adhesive.  It also depends on the quality of the tile.

There are many ceramic porcelain tiles that now are made with the same Encaustic designs that would be more resistant to heat, more durable, easier to install, and less prone to problems.

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