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Can Tile be installed on Counter Tops so it does not make noise when plates come into contact with it?

ANSWER - Ceramic tile or porcelain, which is a type of ceramic tile, are dense materials so they do make noise if you bang something against it. It is possible to install a foam backer…

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The granite sample I approved does not match the granite countertop I received. What can I do about it?

ANSWER - Based on the few photos you provided, I don’t think the white background sample you approved is representative of the salmon background countertop that you got. Read More

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Can I match my existing Marble Tile?

ANSWER - Normally we don't have problems finding natural stone to match existing installations for repairs.  Diano Reale has enough variation within it that I would expect you should find something…

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What is First Choice Marble?

ANSWER - There is no industry standard for defining what is first choice natural stone.  Unlike ceramic tile that defines Second Grade tiles as tiles meet the ANSI A137.1 requirements other than for facial defects,…

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What should I take into Consideration in Selecting a Granite for an Exterior Countertop?

ANSWER - First of all let me give you some background info to consider.  Not all granite, or stones in general, are made equal by mother nature.   Being a natural material the physical properties can…

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Is there a test to verify the quality of a travertine stone?

ANSWER - There are ASTM standards for the minimum/maximum physical property requirements for a travertine stone, which is ASTM C1527.   They do classify the stone as either Class I Exterior or Class II interior use,…

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Do Tile Installers charge more if the Tile Pattern is different?

ANSWER - I assume when you say brick pattern you are referring to a staggered pattern where each tile is off-set from the other from 1/3 to 1/2 the length of the tile.   We refer…

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Pro and Cons for using Thin Porcelain Tile Panels on Kitchen Countertops?

  Answer - Glazed Ceramic porcelain tile panel Pros: 1. They come in approx. sizes of 3’ x 10’ panels that range in thickness from 3 to 6mm is relatively new and are very thin…

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Why do my travertine tiles have a large number of open pits and pores?

ANSWER - Travertine stone naturally has open holes within it as it is a fresh water sedimentary stone where naturally water runs through it. Although sometimes people install this stone without filling those holes if…

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How can I change the color of my grout in my Travertine Tiles?

Answer - There isn't any easy solution to your need. You have already sealed the travertine so it now doesn't have much absorption to take a stain. If you happen to find a sealer with a…

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