Can Tile be installed on Counter Tops so it does not make noise when plates come into contact with it?


Hi there, I have maybe an unusual question but I'll give it a go. I have a small kitchen and am putting in new cabinets and countertop. Having a heck of a time deciding about a countertop material as I really do not care for formica or shiny granite type surfaces. Would love wood but advised not too. So..... looking at tile but wondering if it would be loud and clanky when coming into contact with plates, etc. ( I am somewhat sound sensitive and also no separation between kitchen and living room ) Brought home some samples and it seems so but not installed of course. So wondering if one type of tile over another would be less loud/hollow sounding and/or if the cement and grout dampens the sound somewhat. Would appreciate any feedback on this :) Thank you!


ANSWER - Ceramic tile or porcelain, which is a type of ceramic tile, are dense materials so they do make noise if you bang something against it.

It is possible to install a foam backer board such as Wedi board over the counter and adhere the tile to it and I would guess that it would deaden the sound.

There is also Soap Stone, which is a natural stone that is a softer stone that I would guess would give a deadening sound when impacted.  It is very chemical and heat resistant and very stain resistant and would be expected to perform well on a kitchen countertop.   It is commonly used in chemical laboratories.

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