How can I change the color of my grout in my Travertine Tiles?


How can I change the color of my grout in my Travertine Tiles?

Recently we had our travertine stone on our pool deck filled with grout . Not just the joints but all the holes as well to prevent mold from entering all the holes. The color we picked is to light. We would like to darken all the grout.My question is : is there a colorant that can be added to a none skid sealer ? I am looking for a gold color. The travertine already has one coat of sealer. If I use the same brand which is a Behr product is the any stain or colorant I can add to it to change the color of the grout?


Answer - There isn't any easy solution to your need.

You have already sealed the travertine so it now doesn't have much absorption to take a stain.

If you happen to find a sealer with a stain that is compatible to first coat of sealer then you might end of staining the travertine too.

There are grout colorants available in many colors for staining grout.  It is an epoxy type of paint.  The sealer might not allow it to attach to the grout adequately.   You would have to paint all of the grout joints and holes by had with a small paint brush.

There enhancer sealers that will give the stone and grout a wet look that you can apply.  If it is compatible with your first coat of sealer, it might give you a more of the look you are looking for.

You can refinish the travertine by grinding it down that will remove the sealer from the surface of the stone and open the pores up more so.  Then you could use the grout colorant and reseal the stone.

Whatever you do, first test it out to make sure it is going to work to your satisfaction.

For a list of companies who provide grout colorants and sealer enhancers go to our website at  Miracle Sealants offers these products and so does Aqua Mix both who are listed on that page with links to their websites.

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