Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Glass Tile installation selection stone

Can Ceramic Tile, Glass Tile And Stone Tile Be Installed In Hot Temperatures?

ANSWER - The answer is yes, there is a concern about too hot of temperatures or too high humidity to install ceramic, glass or stone tile. The thickness of the tile or whether it is…

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Exterior selection

What kind of tiles should I buy for an exterior area in high and low temperatures?

ANSWER - For Chicago weather you need to use a tile that is freeze thaw stable.  Generally speaking that is any ceramic tile that has less than 3% absorption, but you need to test the tile…

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Ceramic and Porcelain Tile installation selection Standards

Can Ceramic Tile Seconds Be Installed Without Problems?

ANSWER - There is no standard for seconds other than it doesn't meet the ANSI A137.1 standards in some respect. On the other hand it isn't expected to represent any unlimited degree of flaws. In the…

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installation selection Standards

What is ADA Slip Resistant Requirement for Rental Units?

ANSWER - ADA has taken the numeric value out of their recommendation for slip resistant floors, so there isn't a specific number you have to meet.  The general rule is to meet a .6 COF wet…

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Are Darker Tiles More Passive Solar Effective?

ANSWER - Ceramic (porcelain) tile or stone tile are passive solar effective to the extent of its mass.  The thicker the tile the more mass.  The more mass the more heat/cold stored, the more effective it…

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Moisture Problems Pool and Spa selection Standards stone

Any rule or industry standard for travertine and salt water pools?

ANSWER - There is no standard addressing stone and salt water pools.  Salt Water pools are relatively new and recently more popular, so we are just now starting to see some problems with certain stones and…

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How Do I Paint Customized Photos and Designs on Tile?

ANSWER - Best bet is to go to a local distributor of ceramic tile and get references from them.  Tiles can be hand painted and fired in kilns, and today ceramic tiles and stones can…

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selection Slip Resistance Standards Testing

Does polished tile meet ADA Standards in a chapel area?

ANSWER - Americans with Disability Act (ADA) states that the minimum dry static Coefficient of Friction (COF) of 0.60; ramps: 0.80.   Based on the other industry recommendations I would say it needs to be a minimum…

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selection Slip Resistance

Is shiny tile surfaces slip resistant?

ANSWER - The general rule is the more texture the floor surface has the more slip resistant it will be, but also the more texture the floor surface it will tend to get dirty easier, will tend to require…

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Maintenance selection Slip Resistance

How do I keep Icy Tile from being Slippery?

ANSWER - Tile can be slippery when wet or icy.  There are floor warming systems that could have been installed with the tile so you could keep ice from forming.  Depending on the construction of…

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