Is shiny tile surfaces slip resistant?


Is shiny tile surfaces slip resistant - We live in Canada. Just purchased a condo in Fl. We want to Put down ceramic floor shiny, BUT AFRAID OF FALLING. (WE ARE SENIORS.)


ANSWER - The general rule is the more texture the floor surface has the more slip resistant it will be, but also the more texture the floor surface it will tend to get dirty easier, will tend to require more frequent cleaning, and will tend to be more difficult to clean to some degree.  Of course there are many degrees of textured and smooth finishes and the slip resistance and maintenance will vary respectively.

Floors are generally more slippery when wet or when dirty.  If you keep the floor dry and clean it will be safer.

If you are primarily more interested in having a smooth and less maintenance floor, then use floor rugs at potential wet areas such as entrances, kitchens and bathrooms.  Some grout and tile sealers will help make the floor more slip resistant to some degree.  If you are more concerned about having a floor that is more slip resistant, then use a tile that has a slip resistant texture, but not too textured to cause excessive maintenance.  Putting an appropriate tile and grout sealer over the textured tile will help minimize its tendency to pick up dirt and will be easier to maintain.  Good Luck.

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