Can I use Travertine Tile over a Radiant Heated Floor, if not, what should I use?


Is there a “best” tile to use over radiant heat. I am interested in using travertine with a tumbled finish. Do you see a problem with this? Thank you.


ANSWER - As long as the tumbled travertine tile is installed correctly or a correctly installed radiant floor system, it should not be a problem.

Note that using a natural stone will require more maintenance to maintain the stone.  You should seal the stone to help protect it from staining and to make it easier to keep clean.  Sealers have to be re-applied at least annually unless you like the worn patina look.

Porcelain ceramic tiles are the most resistant to staining and other issues because they are very dense and low absorbing.

Either the natural stone or the ceramic tile will be a good conductor of heat for the radiant floor system.

2 thoughts on “Can I use Travertine Tile over a Radiant Heated Floor, if not, what should I use?

  1. Karen says:

    We used a wood stain to darken our travertine tiles and want to use radiant floors Will that be a problem when the tile warms up and the stain gets warm?

    • Donato Pompo says:

      There is no way to know for sure. You might need to experiment on a sample. I assume you applied the wood stain to the travertine tiles before they were installed. I know that when linseed oil is used that it can sweat under high temperatures and could bleed. So it depends on the stain that you used and the conditions it will be subjected to.

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